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of John Kyngesmulle of Berkshire, John de Cantilupo of Wiltesir, John Gerneseye of Surrey and William Wotton of Somerset, in favour of John Russheton of Mercok, John Garde of la Lode and John Herryes of Kynwardeston at suit of John

order by mainprise of John Leuys, Nicholas Leuys, John Chapman of Hakeney and John Lepere of Hakeney co. Middlesex to set free John Aleyn, John Litylioun, John Harry and Geoffrey Sensyer, if taken at suit of John Derby averring threats.

they had not John Cursoun knight before the king at the day appointed, as they mainperned to do. Hamon Lestraunge to William de Wylughby, Thomas Erpyngham, Simon de Felbrigge, Robert de Morley knights, John Lestraunge the younger, John Gournay, William

averring threats. This mainprise was taken by John Wakerynge. Feb. 16. Westminster. To the sheriff of Suthampton. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Fox, Gilbert Crede, Hugh Whatton and John Catelle, all of London, in favour of

John , John son of, 612. -, Richard son of, 886. -, Roger son of, 164. John , Adam son of. See Overton. -, John son of, 580. -, Roger son of, 191. -, -, Robert son of, 164.

John Mitton 'goldesmyth,' John Smyth, 'smyth,' Thomas Fyssher 'peynture' and Richard Roger 'taillour,' all of London, for Urcella Russet, that she shall do or procure no hurt or harm to Isabel Stywarde or any of the people. Tested by

an inquisition, taken before John Persons late escheator, that King Edward III gave the manor of Merdoun to John Dauntesey knight and Joan his wife and to the heirs of their bodies, that they had issue John Dauntesey knight and

V January 1416 January 1416 Jan. 10. Westminster. John Holton serjeant of the king's larder is sent to the abbot and convent of Meaux, to take of that house such maintenance as John Clerk clerk of the crown deceased had.

be held by the said John and Alice in capital demesne as of fee etc. with remainder to the right heirs of the aforesaid John le Veel in perpetuity. Witnesses: John Dornoy of Cromhale, John Sley, Thomas Harold, Thomas Yonge

de Power, John de Power, Hugh Purcell, John de Cogan, John de Barri, William de Barri, Walter de Lascy, Richard de Oxonia, John Pypard, Walter Lenfaunt, Jordan de Oxonia, Adam de Staunton, Simon de Pheybe, William Cadel, John du Val,

Wymbeldon and Batertheseye. Witnesses: Richard Costantyn, John de Shyrburn, William de Brunne, John Russel, John de Colwell, Henry Chayner. Dated at London on Friday the morrow of the Circumcision, 11 Edward III. Memorandum that John came into chancery at the

Joan his wife, to Thomas Pynchoun esquire, Sir John Wakeryng clerk, Robert Warner, Sir John Depden clerk, Thomas Yonge, Sir William Stewarde clerk, Thomas Canynges, Sir John Bronde clerk, John Chikwelle and John Northgrove, and the the heirs and assigns

of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Archer, John Bayly, Peter Heym and John Trethaeke of Cornwall, in favour of Thomas Lauree, Joan his wife, John Nanfeadoun and Meliora his wife at suit of John Jagowe of Forgowe for render

and John Londoun for leaving John Londoun's service before the term agreed. April 17. Westminster. To the same. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of William Genowe clerk, John Coser of London 'scryvener,' John Richard 'cordewaner' and John Roberd

writ, by mainprise of John Frome of Somerset, John Clopton of Middlesex, John Blomestre of Essex and Nicholas Rous of Somerset, in favour of John Pope of Chepyngnorton at suit of Robert Leukenore, executor of John Leukenore, and Richard Burwelle

8 Hedon , John de, 27 Hedrop, Ederop , etc., John, vintner, 163, 186, 206, 234, 263 Hedyngham , John, 274 Heed , John, of Barnet, 192 Hegham , John de, of Northampton, 207 Helde , John, of Chinnor, 127

January this year. John Godarde of Bedfount co. Middlesex to William More 'scryvener' and John Piers 'wever,' both of Bristol. Letter of attorney, appointing them to give Thomas Yonge, John Bailly, John Morgaun, Robert Jones and John Benet seisin of

John Bysshop of the same 'husbondman' to William Lynche and John atte Woode, executors of John Bukhurst. Recognisance for 100 marks, to be levied etc. in Kent. Condition, that William Turke and John Bysshop shall abide the award of

John de Leme, John Reede and John Godyn, whereby John Raymys knight, Henry vicar of Tunsted and Francis de Honyng granted the manor and advowson of Sloley, which they had by feoffment of John Groos knight to the said

Witnesses: John Mautravers, John Chidiok knight, Robert Rous knight, John Frome, Roger Manyngford. Dated Wyntirbourne Vyvassh, 30 September 3 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 30 Sep tember. John Mannyng rector of Herdyngton, Richard atte Felde of Walyngford and John Motte

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