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Hurst, William de Wellis, John Harold, John Waller, John Holne the younger, Richard Walkestede, John Jay, John Michelgrove, John Clothale, Stephen Apsele, William William, Robert atte Lee, Richard Wilteshire, William Skardevylle, John Farnfelde the elder, John atte Felde and William

by mainprise of John Walshe, John Punarde. John Gippewyche, John Neweman and William Saundre, each of London 'cordewaner,' to set free Roger Oswestre, John Clere 'cordewaner' and John Oswestre otherwise Horolde, if taken at suit of John Hammynge averring threats.

trespass. Membrane 6 d . March 24. Westminster. To John Frome, John Deakne, William Frebody, Thomas Colyngton, John Fauntleroy, William Wodehay, John Dyboun, John Punchardoun and John Farnhulle, appointed to arrest John Andrewe canon of Christ Church Twyneham co. Suthampton

100 marks, made in chancery 6 December this year by John Radclyf and Robert Brayton clerk of Yorkshire, and John Cooke 'tayllour' and John Bokenham 'spuryer' of London for John Scottisburgh of York, committed to the Flete prison by the

John Chekle at suit of the king and John Fyllours citizen and 'haberdassher' of London for leaving the service of John Fyllours before the term agreed. John Yonge, son of Walter Yonge of 'Southmorton,' to Richard Aleyn, William Broune,

Rolls, Henry IV 1405 1405 1405 Membrane 4 d . John Drewe clerk and John Seymour of London to Ralph earl of Westmerland, Thomas Colvylle knight, Thomas Caldewelle clerk and John Darell. Receipt and acquittance for 105 l . 11

Robert, John Quadrynge and John Byfelde, in their possession being, and to the heirs and assigns of John Quadrynge, that by fine levied in the king's court Maud who was wife of Thomas Besenho acknowledged the right of John Quadrynge,

one part by John Botiller, the other by John Dalyngrugge. Dated 4 November 8 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said John son of John ( sic ), 5 November. John Bonham the elder and John Bonham son of

Leyborne, John Trowell, Thomas Turges, Robert Rypoun, John White, William Berkeley, Thomas Haweley, John Baker, Richard Eyton, William Geffrey, Christopher Eston, James Wychehesylle, John Welyngton, William Severne, William Crede, Nicholas Jonson, William Gascoigne, John Benne, John Canoun, John Leve, John

'Whitecrofte' which they all had jointly by feoffment of Nicholas Wymbyssh, John Bate, John Cammell clerks, John Hody, Robert Watton, John Storke, John Gaynesforde the elder, Robert Dauvers, John Gold and Roger Poynant, of the 3 acres of land in

land of John Hornere, Henry Catton late of Tamworth and John Bette chaplain had by f eoffment of John Loughteborow of Tamworth and Agnes his wife. Witnesses: Master Richard Gyllet, Thomas Piersson, John Atherston, John Bonde and John Smyth of

Tanfeld, Robert Rouclyff, John Walker and Richard Berwyk, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of the manors of Northolm and Great Eddeston in Ridall co. York sometime of John son of Walter de Northolm. Witnesses: John Gargrave esquire, Nicholas

Roger de Waltham. Witnesses: Thomas Palmer, John Bellers, John Langton, John Goldsmyth, John Lane. Dated 17 December, 1 Edward IV. John Brokesby ( as above ), to Robert Catesby, John Chancy, Joan Pykeryng and John Malburgh. Letter of attorney, appointing

Thomas father of the said Juliana; Adam Fraunceys being then mayor of London, John Pecche and John Stodeye sheriffs. Witnesses: Richard de Berkyng citizen and draper, John de Kylyngworth 'draper,' William Duk 'draper,' William de Skelton 'armurer.' William Spark 'armurer,'

Nativity of St. John Baptist 2 Richard II. Henry Husee to John Cruys and John Blakeburne. Acquittance for 100 l . received in the chancery of England on Thursday the eve of the Nativity of St. John Baptist 3 Richard

Stephen Derby, John Cary knights, Richard Chidiok, John Pokeswelle, John Tracy. Dated Symondesbergh, 4 February 13 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment , 9 February. Feb. 8. Westminster. John abbot of Osseney and William de Horbury clerk to John de Ravenser

de Weledon 1261-1263 John Bacun 1264-1268 Hugh here 1269-1295 John de Kensington 1295-1316 John de Pekesden 1316-1350 Edmund de Broughyng 1350-1355 John de Carleton 1355-1361 Thomas de Watford 1361-1382 William Gedeney 1382-1391 John Eyton alias Repyngdon 1391-1404 John Watford 1404-1414

de Affeton, John Crydya. Dated Comberalegh, Monday next the feast of St. George 5 Richard II. John de Seyntaubyn knight, son and heir of Thomas de Seyntaubyn knight, to Nicholas de Kirkham of Blakedoun, John Hulle of Exeter, John Blake

the chief lord for all other secular services. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Stangrave, knight, John de Hadresham, John de Codeston, John le Forester, John le Botiler, John de Pirlee. Dated at London on Monday after SS. Simon and Jude, 26

Botreaux, Humphrey Stafforde, Stephen Poppeham, Edmund Cheyne knights, John Pawlet, John Beynton, John Fortescu, Richard Bamfelde. Dated Rowelegh otherwise Witnam, Christmas eve 8 Henry VI. Walter Hungerforde ( as above ) to John Tiptoft knight, Simon Sydenham clerk, William Darell,

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