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Northamptonshire, John Brygge of Salop and John Whytike of Yorkshire. General release of all actions real and personal. Dated 9 July 12 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 10 July. July 9. Westminster. John Wode and John

John Barton the younger, John Stretele and John Aston. Dated 14 October 9 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings, 1 February. Robert Stirtevant esquire to John Hill his uncle and William Hill son of the said

Wandelynge of London and John Roderham of London, in favour of Thomas Haston at suit of John Petyt, John Flory chaplains and John Rolfe of Fulburne, executors of John Petyt chaplain, for render of 10 marks. John Hore and Joan

John and others to him delivered by the said John or his deputies and not delivered up again, and a writing whereby the said John gave all his goods and chattels to him and to John Dowenyng now deceased.

Everdon chaplain and John Stevene. Witnesses: John Butterwyk, John Sampforde, John Gregory, John Hoberd, William Hoberd, Henry Mauncell. Dated Sutton, the eve of the Purification 1 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 2 February. Jan. 11. Westminster. John Cray the king's

Somerset. John de Meriet knight and John Thomere 23 l . 4 s . for 58 days. Dorset. Stephen Derby knight and John Frompton 23 l . 4 s . for 58 days. Devon. John Beaumont knight and John Daumarle

John Box of Pontefract, cousin and heir of John Box of Pontefract son and heir of Hamon Box citizen of London, to John Silton citizen and tailor of London. Recognisance for 40 marks, to be levied etc. in Yorkshire.

Sampe , Hugelin, Sampson , John, Sancto Marico , Master Peter de , Sancto Salvatore , John de , "Kisser," Sandale , Sir John de, - John de, junior, Sandwich, Sandwych , Sandwich, Sandwych , John de, cobbler, - Sir

-, John, grocer of London, 144. -, John, gentleman, 123. -, John, chapman of Norwich, 116. -, John, of Bristol, 140. -, John, of St. Albans, 435. -, John, of Southmoreton, 30. -, John, of Southwark, 436. -, John, of

John Bokenham of Haverynge atte Boure, which the grantor had jointly with John Talmache and William Grenehoode by feoffment of John Bokenham. Witnesses: Thomas Lampet, Thomas Berewyke, John Lightfote of Rokeswelle, Richard Herde, John Passelewe, Richard Salynge, John Wormeley,

John de Arthrington. Dated the morrow of the Assumption 6 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Ripoun, 5 September this year. Thomas de Ponynges knight lord St. John to Thomas Chaucer, Thomas Stonore, John Cottusmore, John Golafre,

William Chymbeham the elder, brother of John Chymbeham, to William Boneville knight, Nicholas Wymbysshe, Thomas Leuesham clerks, John Bluet, Nicholas Radeforde, Thomas Cokayne, John Bate, William Wenarde, John More, William Beefe, William Hyndeston, John Germyn, William Hunte and Richard Townesende,

16 3 Laurence Burell 13 4 William, son of John 13 0 John, son of Thomas 13 4 Adam, son of John 1 8 0 John de Seton 1 18 4 John, son of Walter 13 4 Thomas Prestson 13

John Stodeye, Stephen Cavendysshe, John Pecche, James Andreu, John Bernes, William Tudenham, William Welde, John Chichestre, John Mitford, John Tornegold, John Warde, Bartholomew Frestelynge, John St. Alban, Walter Forster, William Walworth, Richard de Croydone, William Haldene, the Recorder, and

Henry bishop of Bath, John bishop of Hereforde, Richard bishop of Bangor, Henry Percy earl of Northumberland, Thomas Langeley, Thomas Stanley clerks, John Northbury, John Cheyne knight, John Doreward, John Coursoun and John Wodecok to John Hende citizen and draper

1437 ] , ordinance by John Michell, the Mayor, John Fray, the Recorder, John Brokkle, William Gregory, William Estfeld, Thomas Chalton, John Welles, John Hatherle, Stephen Broun, John Gedney, Thomas Wandesford, John Pattesle, John Sutton, John Olney, and Robert Large,

Richard Hertyngdon, John Aston, William Gosburghkyrk and John Tromond at suit of Roger Newe averring threats. Feb. 20. Westminster. To the sheriff of Suffolk. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of William Strother, John Batheley, Robert Sewale and John Fote

Walter Norhampton had by gift of John Marchall otherwise Ferrour of Rouchestre and Joan his wife. Witnesses: John Hadlee, John Cosyn, William Chichely, John Taddelowe, John Basse. Dated London, 3 February 9 Richard II. John Bradfeld ( as above )

John Crawele and John Tebaud of Wrotham at suit of the prior of Rochester cathedral for debt. Jan. 11. Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of Oto Chambernoun, John Dodyngton, Stephen Inhelfyet and

, by mainprise of Thomas Perle 'sadeler,' John Sadeler 'dyer,' John atte Watur 'skynner' and John Coke 'cordewaner,' all of the town of Westminster, in favour of John Fraunceys at suit of John Murymouth for debt. Memorandum of a mainprise

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