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after the conquest of Jngland thrittenede be-twix dame katerine of Burgh somtyme the wife of John Burgh william of Burgh the sonne of the forsaide John and dame katerine of the ta p ar tie And Richarde of Cracall mason

the ordyn au nce dome & awarde of me the said John Arbitrour indifferently chosen be the said p er ties ; wete ye that J the said John y e xviij day of April the yere of the reigne

by this hys wrytyng to a-byde dome ordinance & a-warde of s er wil3am c. 1-2 words of s er John n Parr knyght es or on ye tone of yam of and in al man er acc i ou

3ere of oure lorde the kyng henry fift yat nowe is the second be vs John waleys Rob er t Shakels John Greg & John Saunderson Arbitro ur s chosen be the Maire forsaide and be the assent of p

ar ty & John Fencreaseke of the fawnys Gentylman of the tothyr p ar ty witneses at the forsayde Robart Belyngh a m hays Gyffeyn & Grantyt & be this creasesent indentur confirmyt to the forsayde John Fenwyke his her

em we say that Rychard watkynson maidms repaired, 3-4 chars of the constabyll y e mercyment iiij d jt em we say that John [mecyme n t xijd] kokher maid afray of John Barton y e mercyment iiij d .

fourme be-fore-saide warrand es Jn wittnes her-of ayther party enterchange-it to vther hase putt to thayr Seillys This wytt-nes Th Carleton Richard dekwra william Crosby william Robynson Taillo ur John Smythson and many vther gevyn place day and yher be-foresaide

he shall do to y e seid John Broghton Also c. 3-4 words, stain will a m Sadeler opon gode friday next comeng at millum kyrk to excuse hym opon a bok be-for John c. 3-4 words, stain if he

same lyndsay jt em we fynd y t Will ia m paynter [& blod drawn of the paynter] maid afray of john Emson of 3ork thorp jt em Robyn belfeld maid afray of bakon man & of hym drowe blod

it knawen till all men be yer present3 l et res vs John P ri our and couent of ye cathedrale kirk of Durh a m and John Prio ur of Coldyngh a m till haue made ordayned and stablist

logynge to John Tyndalle oxg ang . Jt em a narovve land logynge to þe hovs of kelynge Jt em a brod land logynge to þe man er Jt em a brode-lande logynge to þe fre-hold of John wiske &

Stanlowe the Moneday next After lawe Soneday That on william Kynarton of Oldyngton of the Shyre of Stafford sone of John kynarton of Oldyngton in the said Counte of Stafford housbandman felonously murdryd And kyllyd the said Thom a s

the fest ofe Pasch w t in wretin And the saides Will a m Stirkeland Tho ma s his son Tho ma s Stirkelande Tho ma s levyns John Barra Orm of Stell John Williamson Roger Dokwra And all vther

y e saide Lorde Thomas Curwen knyght Henry Fenwyk knyght John Ponyngton knyght will ia m Martyndale knyght John Huddilston John Broghton will ia m Lee John Eglesfeld Henry Belyngeham John Swynburn Squyere & other to obeye & fulfill therin

of þe Jnuencon of þe haly croce & þe Natiuite of Seint John Baptiste next co m myng be even porcon n s / And þe said John Bertrame Alex Will a m Rallyn & Will a m sall wirke

John Ogle and Collyngwod of his party And s ir John Bartrame Will a m haton our steward in þ e Bisshoprik of Durh a m & a man lerynd in the temp er all lawe of englond Maistr

yere CCCliij . John releued his hede to iij monkes that were come into Jer usa l e m And thanne they went to the paleys that was herodes / and founde the hede of Seint John wrapped in an

a brode-land longyng to John Tyndale oxg a n Jt em a narow-land longyng to the hows of kelyng / Jt em a brode-land longyng to the man er / Jt em a brode-land longyng to John wyske Frehald Jt

in the fest of saynt John Bapt then next foloyng pm C s and in the fest of the Nat of our lord then next foloyng pm C s and in the fest of saynt John Bapt then foloyng pm

y er assignes be-for Michelmesse come A twolmagh & at y t dame kat er in of lancastre s er John Bullen preste & a-nother preste with yaim yo quilk p re tend yaim to be infeffed in ye same

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