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Lounesdale, John Gelle of Neuton parson of Sterston, John Semer, Walter Marchaunt, Simon Grumloke, Philip Watson, Thomas Crondale chaplain, Roger Denys, Thomas Herfrey, Henry Mey, John Felice chaplain, Andrew Henyngham chaplain, John Hargrove, John Hyndewell, William Whittok, William Jewe, John

of supersedeas omnino , and order by mainprise of John Halle 'mercer,' John Selby 'hornere,' John Broun 'sadelere' and John Ingram 'sadelere,' all of London, to set free John Arnald 'sadeler,' John Chormaston 'sadeler' and Richard Lynne 'taillour,' if taken

Bramptone, John Underwode, John Pyel, Geoffrey Manner, John Martyn, Walter atte Conduyt, William Heyron, John de Craustoke, John de Slappelee, Thomas Sterre, William Pentrie, John Pentrie, Richard Saleman, John de Wyrcestre, John Kyng, "peyntour," John de Hyntone, John Ewayn, John

John Hervy, John Brent, John Merland, Thomas Bolour, of the county of Hertford, William Oterhampton, parson of the church of Silferton, John Judde, parson of the church of All Saints of Wyrcestre, John Streech, John Manyngford, Mathew Cokere, and

Thomas Heryng, John Bourneford and Thomas Leukenore, with John Hale and John Perueys both now deceased, had by demise and feoffment of John Fray, Henry Frowyk, Robert Otteley, Miles Skulle, John Abbot, Thomas Catworth, Everard Flete, John Grace, John atte

John Venour and Joan, William Walkerne and John Shadstoke, which John Venour and the others had by feoffment of James Billyngforde. Witnesses: Philip Thornbery knight, John Fray, John Hotoft, John Broghton, John Enderby, John Clerke, Thomas Holwell, John Poley,

only to bar John Bassyngborne and his heirs. Witnesses: Edward Benstede knight, John Hotofte, John Fray, William Asshe, John Pokelyngton, John Bygge, John Fysshe. Dated Hatfelde aforesaid, 5 May 9 Henry V. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 5 May. John Myners esquire

of Vale Royal; John Byron, chivaler; Richard de Shotelesworth; William de Tunstall; John de Assheton, kt.; John Botiller, chivaler, and Alice, his wife; Agnes, widow of William Cupper of Chester; Ralph de Bolton; John del Elmetrydyng; John, son of William

and dead. Witnesses: John Mille, John Hogham, Richard Preston. Dated 12 January 20 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 17 January. John Frampton knight and Joan Stephenes his mother to John Burton of Bristol 'merchant,' John Austell esquire, John Fortescu and

sheriff of Essex. Order by mainprise of Thomas Baude, John Sherebrede of Little Hadham of Hertfordshire, John Herlyngton the younger of Huntingdonshire and John Mapulton of Derbyshire to set free John Trenthe of Upwyke, imprisoned in Hertford prison at suit

to John de Leventhorp esquire, Thomas Westley vicar of Claverynge, John Walsingham vicar of Uggelee and William Wilflete clerk, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of all his lands, rents and services in Claverynge. Witnesses: Geoffrey Jocelyn, John Grey,

of John Whityngton of Yorkshire, Thomas Walshe of Hertfordshire, John Grenlaue of London and John Grene of Lancashire, in favour of Henry Piers, Robert Albyun and John Piers at suit of the prior of the Hospital of St. John of

knight, John Seint Legere and Roger atte Style of Kent, in favour of John Michel of Bobbynge and John son of William Adam of the parish of Berden co. Kent at suit of Joan who was wife of John de

Westminster. To the sheriff of Huntingdon. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Gildesburgh of Norhamptonshire, John Walrand of Wiltesir, John Solas of Surrey and John Hekelton of Yorkshire, in favour of Richard Wentland chaplain and Joan Albon, executors

of 'Fletstrete' London any security for keeping the peace toward John Bradewelle clerk, and order by mainprise of John atte Hall, John de Bury, Nicholas Lamlethir of London 'taillour,' John Penreth 'sadeler,' Nicholas Pytte 'cordwaner,' both of London, and Reynold

and John Fogge esquires to John May. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Kent. Condition, that they shall abide the award of Thomas archbishop of Canterbury concerning a mayhem and all other personal actions which John

quinzaine of Easter next, ready to answer John Russell attorney of John Bolton, John Coggessaille attorney of Richard Bukkelande, Thomas Barwyke attorney of William Hales, William Marsshall of Muscham, John Freman attorney of John Hodeleston, Edmund Copendale attorney of Robert

John Hoton, which the grantors had jointly by demise of John Leventhorp esquire and Richard Boys; and appointment of John Blecche and Walter Norwych as attorneys to give them seisin. Witnesses: Walter Blaket clerk, John Say, John Clay esquires,

Witnesses: John Solas, John Mockynge, William Kirton, John Gofaire, Thomas Burcetre, William Germeyn, John William. Memorandu m of acknowledgment, 12 October. Thomas Corbet, son and heir of John Corbet esquire of Essex, to William Goodman citizen of London, John Martyn,

Dundraw for John de Yonge read John le Yonge. " 26, Kirkebride, for Adam Manver read Mauer. " 27, Ayktoun, for Adam de Aungereton read Angreton. " 29, Wedirhale, for Henrb Piscator read Henry. " 30, Brampton, for John de

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