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dial. seal a hame. A harness; also, part of a harness, ?a hame. (1407-8) Rec.Norwich 2 55 [To John Baddyng and John Sadeler for horse collars,] trayes, carte-sadels, haltres, seles, [and whip-corde]. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 452 Sele [Win: Sel],

then he shall obey the correcions of the Mayer and officers. (1472-3) RParl. 6.35a The said John Glyn as Depute and Understeward to John Erle of Wilteshire, beyng Steward of the Duchie of Cornewaill, was in Goddis peas and the

var. p.ppl. of encombren v. Of property: free of any charge or tax. (1447) Deed Greenwell John the fadire schall giff to the said John the son & to his wife landes & tenementis to the verray value yerly of

In phrase: of , not a relative of (sb.). (1460) Doc.Langney We wyll that ye procede in the Assis between John Baron and William Porter, tennant of certayne tenements whereof William Baron, unkyth of the sayde John videlicet deyde seysyth.

. Uncultivated farmland, fallow land. c1460 Oseney Reg. 152/2 John had i-sowe his telth and In-to forbedyng had i-put þe commune pasture of all warecte or leylonde. c1460 Oseney Reg. 155/3 John In-to fforbedyng had put þe commune of all

Sur.Soc.85 9 Ye forsayd John Lyllyng was bundon to Richard Russell, William Bowes and to oyer, to be payed at ye fest of Michelmes yan next folowyng, and a defesance made yer apon yat ye sayd John Lyllyng fra yan

[John Passer..apprentice of William Champion,] hurer, [was committed to prison]. (1411) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 305 [William Hervy,] hurer. (1421) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 89 [John Waltham,] hurer. (1430) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 239 [Richard Flete,] hurer. (1447) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 171

disshes and sawser be void and of noon effect. (1474-83) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1 p.cii John Smerte toke the same John Browne and oon John Baker..suertees of the relyvere of the same boke. a1525(?1472) Cov.Leet Bk. 382 The Indentur of

It lyked þe Kyng to sende his lettres of prive seal to Sir John Tyrell, tresorer of his hous, to Thomas Gloucestre, coffrer of þe seid hows, John Darell, late under tresorer of England, [etc.]. (1447) Shillingford 7 There was

le crochere pro licencia se maritandi. (1327) in Fransson Surn. 196 Adam le Cruchere. (1392) Court R.Hastings in Sus.RS 37 46 [John] Croucher. (1405) in Fransson Surn. 196 John Crowchere [vintner]. (1434) Close R.Hen.VI 277 [John] Crowchere [citizen of London].

365 To Rodger Saxton, sawer, for iij deys fereyng at ye John Cade..for caryyng of tymber to ye Bryges. (1463) Acc.Howard in RC 57 228 Item, payd the sayd day at Lytylborwe fery, for feryyng of my masterys hors.

fiat n. L Law. Formal authorization (for transfer of property). (c1384) Doc. in Bk.Lond.E. 230/2 John Chirteseye..made a Fiat [this word added above the line] bi dede Endentid vn-to Richard Willysdon..of All hys wharf.

or occupation of a master mason. 1435 in Speth Freemasonry 4 [OD col.] [In 1435 John Wode, masoun, contracted to build the tower of the Abbey Church of St. Edmundsbury] in all mannere of thinges that longe to free masonry.

gadder n. Cp. gad(de n. ?A maker of goads, ?one who casts metal bars. (1285) Assize R.Lan. in LCRS 49 202 John le Gadder. (1324) Court R.Lan. in LCRS 41 25 Henry le Gadder.

joists. (1439) Agree.Build.St.John in BAAJ 25 119 The same John Heywod shal do remove the dormant..makyng the same soler more large be vij fete than it is at this tyme, and gysten and plauncheren bothe the nether soler and the

L & OF Solemn renunciation of heresy or idolatry. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 2.4565 Off fals ydoles mak abiuracioun. (1447-8) Shillingford 83/18 The coroners..come to take the knowleche of the said John Berton ys well as of abjuracions.

Proc.Chanc.PRO ser.C 1 file 9 no.436 The seyd John is so strykyn into age and decrepyt that he may not come to youre presens. a1500 Ashm.1447 Lapid. Ashm 1447 p.59 Alectorius..ys beter that ys drawe oute of a kock decreppyth.

Suppliant..paid to the seid John the seid xx s. and required the seid John to deliver hym the seid godes..and..the seid John solde awey the seid godes..he toke an accon of detenu agene the seid John [etc.]. (1436) RParl. 4.501b

in cpds.: maker , one who makes and mixes pigments; seld , a paint shop. (1290-1) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.95 [Annual rent of a seld called] Peinteselde. (1454-5) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 160 Item, of John peyntmaker, xij d.

. A seller of pepper. (1294) Let.Bk.Lond.A Gldh LetBk A 149 [John de Stapelford], peverer [..acknowledged himself bound to Hugelin Seck in the sum of 18 s. 7 d.]. (1389) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 5.105 [Stephen atte Wode, citizen and] peverer [of London].

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