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] Annys or Agnes Wydeslade, daughter of John Wynnard of Wolveston, Cornwall , and of Hatherleigh , Devon , and widow of John Wydeslade, the younger, was Stonor ' s second wife. John Wynnard died in 1468 , having ap|pointed

The date is fixed by the reference to John Warde , who was sheriff of Lon |don in 1479 -80 . From A.C. , xlvi, 153. After my dewe recomaundacion, & c. M r . Page recomaundyth him to yow,

1481 ABSTRACT. Indenture whereby William Stonor , knight, and John Wroughton , squire, and Henry Dogett , his feoffees, lease to Christopher Holand of Thame the messuage and horse-mill at Watlyngton, wherein Richard Good now dwells, for a term of

of holy writt; & ion þe euaungelist seiþ & seyn austyn declariþ þat þo men þat þus denyen ihū 1 John ii. 22. ben anticristis, & settiþ ensaumple of forsworen men, of lechouris & coueitouse men & vsureris usuris X.

21: 15 ] Sealid & deliuered in ye presence of Mary Mother of God , Mary Cleophe, Mary Iacobi , John ye disciple. Ita fidem facimus Matthew , Marke , Luke , Iohn , Notarij publici. Long [i ] nus

þat is to say, By John Duke , Richard Webbe , Geoffrey plestow, Richard Cow |per, William Ȝorke, Richard plestow, Symond Wesey Veysy. , John tailour, Thomas Kyng , John cockes, Thomas ffox, Thomas Collys, John Bosseby, Richard Boveton, and

Johanne euangelista. Saynt John , appostel & euangelist, Was cosyn vnto Jhesu Crist , Born of þe thrid of Maries thre, And his fader hight Ȝebede . Þis Ȝebede has suns two: Elder James , saynt John also. Þaire fader

may have reference to the same matter as the letter from Sir John de Nouwers , No. 14. From Ch. Misc. , 37, i, 4, 5. Edmundus de Stonore, vic. Oxon ., ballivo hundredi de Chadlyngton salutem. Summone per bonos

II, File 21). From A.C. , xlvi, 12. Trescher et treshonore seignour, vous plese a savoir de la covenante qe John Condicote fait a Dodecote de vers vous de venier a Stonore oveske Richard Galewayn a vostre rezvenowe de Hantechyre

36. JOHN STOKE TO EDMUND DE STONOR c. 1380 The following letter in the Collection ( A.C. , xlvi, 29) is also addressed by John Sto ke to Edmund Stonor , but is too mutilated for transcription. From A.C. ,

STONOR before 1431 The writer is Alys , daughter of Sir John Beauchamp of Powyk, who married (1) Thomas Boteler of Sudeley ( d. 1398 ) and (2) Sir John Dalyngrygge of Bodiham, Sussex ; she held Sudeley in dower,

see No. 65. The date is certain ly later than 1460 , but perhaps only a few years. John Hampton of Staffordshire occurs as a squire for the body from 1437 to 1459 ( C.P.R. , Henry VI , iii,

CLOTH SUPPLIED TO JOHN BARANTYNE AND SIR WILLIAM STONOR 1478 -79 The earlier items seem to be for Mary Barantyne (see No. 294), so that Sir W. Stonor may have had some liability. " Peldelyon " (? peau de lion)

office aftir Garnon was grauntid by my last predecessour under seale unto oon John Stepneth, a servaunt of our Monastery dwelling in Seint Albons , which John I am certenne may not nor cannot avaunce and help the place in

277. JOHN RYSSHE TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR 1 DEC. [ 1480 ] This seems to have been written shortly after the death of William Harleston on 4 November , 1480 , see note on No. 260. But in that year

301. JOHN SHYNNER TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [? 1481 ] The date is probably a little later than No. 300. As Sir William Stonor was on bad terms with his mother, it may perhaps belong to 1481 or 1482 (see

] The writer, who was clearly connected with Salisbury , is probably the John Hurlegh, who was prebendary of Ramsbury in 1414 , Warden of the Hospital of St. Nicholas , Salisbury , from 1418 -20 , and rector of

on 20 July , 1473 , by William Olyver and John Hille, bailiffs of the town of Bridport , to Richard Beauchamp , Bishop of Salisbury , on behalf of John Wikes , chaplain, for his admission to the Chantry

confirmation of John of St. John ' s gift (p. 27) by Reginald of St. Valerie , who (as Rev. H. Salter informs me) held from 1154 to 1166 the properties formerly held by John of St. John . ;

servaunte of master Artolde, thenne person of the church of Wotton ; John , lorde of ledewell; Robert of Wotton ; John Ermyne; Henry Ermyne; Thomas of ffulwell; John , chapeleyne of Glymton; Jordan , clerke; and oþer,—that thabbot and

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