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/ And that for to fulfyll this byhest: aboute the viii. daye after he toke wyth hym peter James & John vp in to an hye hylle that was as clerkes sayen called Thabor / And there he was transfygured

not of hir parte. but contynued forth in her maner liuynge seruin¦ge customably to Jhū & his discyples / As John wytnessith af¦ter in his gospel. in token that he that is called to god & stant in the state

woodnesse: he withdrewe hym out of her hondes. and wente wyth his discyples beyonde Jordan in to y• place: where John baptyzed fyrste aboute xviii. myle fro Jhe¦rusalem / And there he dwelled awhile wyth his discyples / And in

supper were thise homely ghestes wyth Jhū: that is to saye: lazar: martha: & mary hir syster / And as John noteth specyally martha serued and lazar satte at borde wyth other that seten also wyth our lorde / But

in presence of many Jewes. that camē at that tyme to see not on̄ly hymself Jhū. bnt also lazar as John specyally tellyth / And so we maye see at that supper and in that hous thife foure persones dooyng

man̄a. that is to saye the angels mete that no man knowyth: but he that felyth it / As saynt John witnessith in his apolipse / And he yt soothfastly felyth it. maye well saye wyth dauyd the prophe¦te soueraynly

lambe / And whan his moder & John & other wymmen of her company that wente out erly for to here & see of hym: metten with him at a crosse waye: and sawe him with soo grete a multytude

vnspeka ble benygnyte / The secōde was to his moder sayeng th{us} / wo¦man loo thy sone: & also to John. loo thy moder / He called not her at that time moder: leest she sholde thrugh feruent tend{er}nes haue

that John not mowynge bere that grete sorow toke to hym man̄es hert: and risyng ayenst hem: sayd / ye wycked mē why doo ye this cruelte / See ye not that he is dede? why woll ye also slaye

manere of Jewes & beryed / But she was looth therto: & sayd / Good bredern take not soo soone my childe fro me. rather berieth me wyth him / Then̄e sayd John / My dere moder lete vs assent

3309S106583998422976941This present boke shewyth the manere of hawkynge [and] huntynge and also of diuysynge of cote armours. It shewyth also a good matere belongynge to horses: wyth other co[m]mendable treatyses. And ferdermore of the blasynge of armys: as here

in whiche bataille was slayne the erle of northumberland / the lordClifford / sir Iohan neuile the erle of westmerlādis brother / andrew trollop / & many othir knyghtes & squyers / Thenne kyng henry thathad be kyng beyng

In dei nomine Amen Nouerint vniuer cristifideles qualiter Sssim{us} dominus noster felicis re¦cordacionisInnocentib{us} papa octau{us} cossit de speciali preuilegio & gracis vt anima{rum} illoum qui cumCaritate ab hac luce decesserint salus procuretur quod si qui parentes amici aut alii

hir lord the kyng / they were take of Syr Charles of fraūce / that is to say / sir john of britayn / Syr Robert Tiptoft Sir Rauf tanny / sir hugh bardolf / & sir adam of cretynges

he cleped James & Johan as in y• same place is made mynde of hem with Pe¦ter & Andrew. Also specially he cleped John fro the brydale as saynte Jerome saith / but that is not expressyd in the texte

we passen ouer at this time. for as mykel as hit is open & plainly wryten in the gospel of John. But in this processe we may note in our lord Jhū first a token of grete mekenes in that

to kno∣we more fully / he shall fynde hit in the boke of saynte Augus¦tyne / vpon ye gospel of John / where he maketh of ye processe of this gospel a long processe & clergiable ful of ghostly frute

all that were in the hous sauf ye tader & the moder and the thre apostles / Peter James & John Our lorde Jhesus badde the wēche to ryse / And anone she ro¦se vp fro dethe to lyfe /

specyally after y• letter tel∣lynge how thyse ii. systers martha & maria dyuersly hadden hē as anenst Jhū / That John theuangelist meaned ghostly here as he dooth in other places the dyuers condicōns that longen to hem that ben

down her hedes. & we pyng & highly sighing: resonably he may be styred to grete cō¦passion▪ and specially for John. y• was famylier moost with Jhū. and that toke good hede specyally before other to al that Jhūs spake.

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