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Regesta 102 1332 Regesta, Vol. CII. 10 Kal. June. Avignon. (f. 24.) To John called

Order not to put John Cosyn in default for not appearing before them on Thursday the octaves of St. John the Baptist last in the suit before them between Richard Martyn, demandant, and the said John, tenant, concerning 121/2 acres

1381 October 1381 Oct. 5. Westminster. John de la Mare, Ralph de Norton knights, Nicholas Bonham, Nicholas Benyngton, John Lye, James Berner knight, Robert Loxlee, William Weston, John Bursebrigge, William Savance sheriff of Kent, John de Newenton and Thomas Shardelowe,

, John, 44 Codeford , see Silvestre Codeworth , John de, 53 Cok , John, 37 Coldseye , John, 39 Cole , John, 71 Coleshull , Nicholas de, 82 Colles , John, 55 Colson , Thomas, 41 Colville , John,

Westminster. John Sprot of Geyst to John Spoo. Recognisance for 20 marks, to be levied etc. of his lands and chattels in Norffolk. Feb. 18. Westminster. To the sheriff of Middlesex. Writ of supersedeas omnino , by mainprise of John

Richard II 1388-9 1388-9 Hugh Cheyne knight, Nicholas Beynton, Henry Gilberd, John Knottyngle, Thomas Shoune and John Chaundeler the elder of New Sarum to Juliana who was wife of John Shoune knight for life, with remainder to Richard Beckote and

Burleston, John Tille, John Ellemede and Ellis Beere, all of Devon, for John Cheyne clerk, and of an undertaking by him under the same pain, that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to Joan Kylvendoun, John Kynge

, by mainprise of John Coke 'cordewaner,' John Hille 'cordewaner,' John Clerke 'taillour,' all of Westminster, and William Ferrys of Somerset, in respect of taking of Robert Saundre of Newenton any security for keeping the peace toward John Warde 'barbour.'

wife of John Fyssher of Bristol, executors of John Fyssher, shall before Easter day next render account to John Palmer for the time John Fyssher was receiver of his merchandise and moneys in Bristol, to be audited before John Baroun

and John Rougheved by grant of John de Thelnetham and Stephen de Hopeton parson of Thelnetham by fine levied in the king's court to them and the heirs of John le Eyr. Witnesses: Roger Drury, William Berdewelle knights, John Drury,

by mainprise of Thomas Preston 'pulter,' John Hildy 'pulter,' Roger Greynle and Henry Dypeforde, all of London, to set free John Noke of 'Esthamme' and John Sterlynge of Hamme, if taken at suit of John Freman of London 'pulter' against

of John Compton deceased, to wit daughter of John Briston and Beatrice his wife, daughter of Thebald de Thuxton and Margery his wife, sister of Benedict father of John de Brecles, father of Alice, the mother of the said John

James de Marham, Ralph Haukyn, John Cokerell, John Berard, John Bakere 'fisshere,' Thomas Yokesforth, John Broktone, John Benne 'sherman,' John Haulee 'spicer,' Geoffrey de Glemesford otherwise called Wolman, Richard White, Thomas Lacford, John Osberne, John Tollere, Roger Rose and Richard

Medewolde, Peter Burgeys, Agnes Lucas, Robert Batesforde, John Smyth, William Grangewryght, John Seman, Hugh Kervere, Roger Brampton, Richard Disse, Thomas atte Pirye, Ralph Botre, Geoffrey Denham, John Brundysshe, Peter Plane, John Smyth, and John Trostoue to the king. Recognisance (

the said John Walcote and to John Leycestre now deceased, and the said John Walcote, William Cressewyke, William Screen' and John Bokyngham now hold the same, to them and their heirs, by charter of feoffment of the said John Sely

tenements in Penryn and Tregenay against John Pascowe of Penryn, Joan his wife, John Jolyf of Plymmouth, Philip Restowerek, Joan his wife, the said Otho, Peter Pedyt, John Willikoc, John Rosmaryn, Stephen Morys, Ralph Cusgaran, John Cornysshe and John Seys.

after the death of John Plecy her husband by assignment of John his son and heir, with reversion to John Cammelle cousin and heir of John Plecy, namely son of Joan sister of John father of John Plecy, who is

there called the Hope. Witnesses: Roger Lewkenore, John Lewkenore, Edmund Mille, John Bartlot, John Threlle. Dated 1 May 25 Henry VI. Robert Lysle esquire to John Bartlot of Stopeham, John Threlle and John Bartlot of Cotys. Letter of attorney, appointing

of Suffolk and Penbroch, John Fastolff, John Hevenyngham, Robert Shotesbrok, Henry Inglose knights, John Heydon, Edmund Wychyngham, Richard Gegge and Nicholas Bokkynge, feoffees in the manor of Bokenham Lathes and in other castles and manors of John Clyfton to his

John Fleccher, Roger Boteler, Richard Bayford, David Kenseke, John Crosse, William Thorn, John Walter the younger, John Hulet, John Lyddon, John Bowyer, William Morgan, John Morgan, Lewis John,John Awode, John Gunner, Walter Bowyer the younger, John Crosse 'tonker,'

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