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OF platine & plataine . ?A builder who lays flat stone; ston , some kind of flat stone. (1290) Let.Bk.Lond.A Gldh LetBk A 176 John le Platener. (1399) in Salzman Building in Engl. 133 [200 tons of] platenerston of Bymbrigge.

. (a) A building in which leadwork is done; plumber's workshop; (b) leadwork, plumbing. c1450 Trin-C.LEDict. Trin-C O.5.4 603/34 Plumbaria: a plomerye. (1464) RParl. 5.547b John Bircholt of thoffice of Serjeaunt of oure Plumbery within this our Reaume of England.

Also maceler , macheler . MDu. makelare Broker, trader; also, in surnames. (1234) Pat.R.Hen.III 49 Bernard Macheler. (1276) Let.Bk.Lond.B Gldh LetBk B 262 William le Maceler. (1443-5) Case Law Merchant in Seld.Soc.46 158 [John Huson] makelere [of wool at Bruges].

mallen v. (a) A hammer or maul; (b) clot , ?a maul for smashing clods, ?a man who pounds clods or turf. (1305) Court R.Lond. 217 [John le Cu..took] malre. a1500 Medulla Hrl 2257 83 Glebarius: a clotte maller.

Cp. middel n. & adj. Coming between, middle. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 7.14 The feeste day medlinge, or goynge bitwixe [L die festo mediante; WB(2) : whan the myddil feeste dai cam], Jhesu wente vp in to the temple.

v. A proposal; overture. (1439) RParl. 5.17b Where appon ye seide John many tymes hath made diverse meeves and tretice for to have pees with ye seide Phelip, unto ye which there can no personne..make ye same Phelip to enclyne.

gọd-willer n. From gọd-wil(le . One who shows good will, a helper. (?1468) Paston 4.293 My Lord Wynchester called me to hym, yn presence of Sir John, and desyrid hym effectually to be my gode wyller.

hẹr(e n. (2). A maker of haircloth or hair shirts. (1252) in Fransson Surn. 99 John the Hayrer. (c1292) in Fransson Surn. 99 Rich. le Heyrere. (1317) in Fransson Surn. 99 Ric. le Hayrere. (1390-1) in G.Otto Handwerkernamen 79 Hayrer.

Also imaginer . From imaginen . (a) One who makes statues or images, a carver; (b) one who contrives, an inventor. (1348) Will Court Hust. Gldh pt.1.558 [John de Mymmes], ymaginour. ?c1475 Cath.Angl. Add 15562 66b An Imagyner: molitor, excogitator.

mur n. OF A wall; ward , a wall-guard. (1274) Close R.Edw.I 74 John le Murward. c1475 MEccles. Trin-C R.3.21 p.698 Sacrylege & simony..doþ þe toures meue; And where þe mures be meuyng, þe werk must myscheue.

whose duty is to keep town walls in repair; ?a collector of murage; -- only as surn. (1286) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 157 Joh. le Murager. (1298) Pat.R.Edw.I 362 John le Moragir. (1345) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 157 Ric. Morager.

avaunt-gard n. Also advaunte- . OF The vanguard of an army. (a1470) Malory Wks. Win-C 31/20 Lionse and Phariaunce had that advaunte-garde. c1475(?c1451) Bk.Noblesse Roy 18.B.22 15 Ser John Chandos avaunced hym chief in that bataile, havyng the avauntgard.

barwe . (a) One who makes barrows; (b) a barrow. (1264) Rec.Norwich 1 208 Rogerum le Barwere. (1287) Pat.R.Edw.I 279 John le Barewer. (1327) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 67 Steph. le Barwere. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 105 Crowde, barowyr: Cenivectorium.

basil(e n. OF A garden herb of the mint family, basil. c1450 When the son Frf 16 42 Basyl, our lady seel, and herbe John. a1500 Sln.Herb List Sln 1201 76 Herbes fo[r] Savour and beaute..Basyle.

first words of a formula used by begging friars [cp. John 1.1]. (c1387-95) Chaucer CT.Prol. Manly-Rickert A.254 For thogh a wydwe hadde noght a sho, So plesant was his In principio, Yet wolde he haue a ferthyng er he wente.

intruden v. L intrudere To intrude; in , take possession of (a prebend) not rightfully one's own. (c1422) Anc.Pet.(PRO) 110.5499 In which mene tyme, on maister John Ixworth, Clerk, intruded in the same prebend and euer sithen hath occupied it.

arvel n. ON , cp. OI erfi-ol ; the word is still current in Northern dialects. Funeral feast, wake. 1459 MS Reg.Test.Ebor.IV.249b [OD col.] [John Alanson leaues an ox] ad distrib. inter propinquos et amicos meos, scilicet ad meum arvell.

scelling n. ?From skel(le n.; ?error for shilling(e ger. Pl. ?Grain, ?husks; ?refuse, rubbish. (1431-2) Mun.B.Bridgewater 805 Item, for makyng clene of John Warde ys house & beryng of scellynggys, iij d. ob.

over to a session of court. (1465) Paston 2.309 John Smyth..and John Hopton..and I were..putte into the Kyngis pryson by-cawse of the fyn which was sessed vpon the forsaid John Smyth, John Hopton, and me. (1467) Ordin.Wor. 382 That the

spelling of pl. of draperi(e n.; ?= pl. of trappour n. ?Cloths, drapery; ?the accouterments of a knight. (1463) Acc.Howard in RC 57 215 Item, to John Wysnacke..ffor a reward ffor steynynge off my masterys traperys, iij s. iiij d.

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