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payed the seid Thomas Boughton shall ordeyne the day of the seid mariage or by-fore that . John Scarborowe Nicholl Coveley and John Aylemer of Wolford [or ij of hem] yf they lyve or elles other sufficiant men shull be

gyff full faith and credence And gode almyghty keppe yow long in hegh whirshypp and easse of yowr hertte to hys plesawnce wreton the viij dey of Septembr youre awen att all hys powere John Priour of Duresme 8 lines

is nowe in þ e teno ur of John n gamelisvey Withe þ e myln n thaitt is callid Dompeir Miln n in þ e teno ur of þ e same said John n gamelisvey . And also tyrle myln

& all our brether . And this accord wos made by the trete award . & dome of laurens Banastr John Talbot . & James Banastr and in wittenesse of all this . both wee the forsaid Rob er t

if it like vn-to 3ow to wete y e cawse of my writyng is yis . y t my hwsband John n Thal3o ur wyt to a+glasin wyndow in Farne iij s iiij d y t tyme being dane Thm

Declaration Be it knawn to All men y t this p re sent writynge sees or heres s er John Eppilby P ar son of the kirk of Saynte Rumald gretynge in hele in o ur lord god wytte 3e

of þe forsayd Marget And þ e toder ende of þ e forsayde plasse Abutteth apon þ e plasse of John ap Gr on þ e weste party and þ e sayd Marget wyll & gravnteth by this p re

co m mentear aft er þe date of this writing at which day þe seid Th shall pay to ser John of wynton or to his assign n in þe kirke of seint laurtear to þe bihoue of þe seid

syr Denyse Scherpp y e parysche Prest off hawworth John Pyghhyls laurens Dyns will a m . Pyghhyls herr Akroyd John hwdson of Okworthe yomen John Cloghe Rob er t Pyghhyls John Mwrgattroyd will a m Moor . Rob er

yff he lay it agane we amercy hym gap xij d jt em we say that the hows y t john 3onge dwells jn of the busser rent & the hows of Rob er t Raynald next by stoppes the

dwels jn john pagit hows at kowlanend a brekare of heg es & berynge of wod we amercy hym iiij d & eftyr he be fonden fawty iij s iiij d jt em we fend y t john warner chelder

n John n Barlay for if ony othere suld come therto bod the said Barlay yhe thynke he suld nott opteyn . Jn the whilke mater J have co m mytt credence wretyn to my brothere Dau n John Ell

Richard Baker of aldesworth has recorded in p re sence of ye abbott of ye Dale Nicholl of strelley knyght John of Coksald Esqc. 3 words Esquier and of many other worthy men and also yat J [am] redy and

said Will a m þe Warde byforesaid vnto þe fulle age of henre þe son & heir of þe said John W1 word þe mariage of þe same henre þe quyche londes & ten n tes with þe mariage beforesaide

orcherd end w t halff a husbandland w t v acr es off land Somtyme in y e haldynge off John M er tyn & halff a potland w t j acr & a halff off land somtyme in y

Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus V.15 Text: Memorandum Sir John darcy knyght enh er ite of certayn landes within ye bisshoprike of durem in taill to haue to hym and to croppedprobably the heires of his body lawfully geten

p er don & fregif iij s iiij d yerly duryng the said t er me at the instance of John Botiller squier and also if so be that the said Raulond or any man in his maine or els

conselours ; Thomas knyght p er son of the chirche of hanstape surveiour of the londes of the sayd Erle John n hugford & william Spermore Squyeres to his towne & lordship of walshale for the ou er syght &

to hir assenes . xx s . w t -in viij day of y e fest of Natiuit of sant John n Baptist whych sal+be in y e 3er of owr lord Jh es u 2-3 chars thovsand iiij hondereth

sayd thom a s & it / to be mad sur in fowrme of lawe Also J will y t John &euilethe ampersand at the beginning of the word seems to have been begun as a capital n, but finally

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