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the Paston family of Paston, co. Norf.; 1440-1489. The present MSS. comprise the letters published, with some omissions, by Sir John Fenn in vols, i and ii of his Original Letters written during the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV

of Bayeux, Thurstan, Innocent II, Adrian IV, Callistus III, Alexander III, Henry Chichele, John of Thoresby, Thomas Swan, Sigismund, Martin V, Eugene IV, Benedict, Henry VI, John Stafford, William Swan] Collection(s) Part Seven: Cleopatra Manuscript Number Cleopatra C. IV Source

Chemicum". Argentorati, 1613. Vol. IV, p.986. 21 21. "The Practise of Philosophers by Rasis." f.51. 22 22. "The booke of John Sawtre a Monke," concerning the Philosopher's Stone. ff.53-63. Printed in a work entitled "Five treatises of the Philosopher's Stone."

whom, 17 Aug. [1801?], fromG[eorge] Ellis is inserted at the beginning (f. ii). A later owner was Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, Bart., of Dogmersfield, co. Sontht. (sale-cat.1907, lot 186; bookplate of Dogmerslield Library inside cover). "God for hys grace

of the Godhead; in prose. Imperfect. f.163. 41 41. The Abbey of the Holy Ghost, often, but erroneously, ascribed to John Alcock, Bishop of Ely; in prose. Imperfect at the beginning, f. 165. 42 42. "A good tretis that men

Westminster School, perhaps, or the house at Chiswick) that is not mentioned in the articles between Dr. A Busby and John Angier." f.12. 4 4. Fragment of an Essay on Ambition by W. B. f.14. 5 5. Proceedings at a

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