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Saint John , John I (died 1230 ), 109/26, 114/29, 118/1. Saint John , John II (flor. 1243 -85 ), 110/7, 121/1, 25, 135/28. Saint John , John (cleric: son of William ), 118/4, 18; 121/4, 14, 20. Saint John

an earlier dispute, as to which there was a Petition in Chancery by Thomas Chaucer , John Golafre, John Hurlegh, " chapeleyn, " John Warefeld, and Thomas Berdelegh, showing that they were seised of the manor and hundred of Ermington

fors f[or he ] is febel and yold, Paulisfot, Ray , John at Wille , this persons The reading is doubtful. use makyth ham fulfulle alle [þis ] . John Hals welle haþ en|formyd me of ham, and therfore Thomas

Blount , Lord Mountjoy , who was killed at Barnet on 14 April , 1471 . Margery subsequently married Sir John Elrington and died in 1481 ; she was buried at St. Leonard , Shoreditch ( Stow , Survey ,

is not a knight the date cannot be later than 1477 . The reference to John Blakhall ' s death shows that this letter is later than No. 156; it may possibly belong to 1476 . Sir Richard Graystoke was

LE DESPENSER TO JOHN DE STONOR [ c. 1326 ] Eleanor , daughter of Gilbert , Earl of Gloucester and wife of Hugh le Des |penser the younger. Since she writes from Berkley , the date is probably not later

OF WALES, TO SIR JOHN DE STONOR [ before 1351 ] ABSTRACT. A fragment of a formal letter addressed to " Johan de Stonor et ses compaignons du Comun Banc " with reference to a suit " parentre le Priour

STONOR [ JANUARY ] , 1378 Sir John de Nowers of Churchill , Oxfordshire ( Visitations of Oxfordshire , 114). See the Precept in this matter No. 13. From A.C. , xlvi, 24. Trescher sire et ffyable amy, moi mervoile

circulated in the interest of the Yorkist party. It was communicated to Archæologia (vol. xx, pp. 519-22) in 1822 by John Bayley , keeper of the Records in the Tower , who attributed it to Sir William Stonor , misled

122. Sone , I send you Goddys blessyng and myne. I understonde by my tenantys and yourys that Maystyr Lewes John desyryth for to have a letter fro you for to undyrstonde your maystyrschype and youre favor towarde your seyde

yowe, which he thynketh onkynde delyng. Accordyng to my promyse to yow at Lundon I wrote [la ] tely to John Felowe for þe lande þat ye well know and incontinent upon the syght of my letter. . . .

The year is fixed by No. 284, where it is stated that John Edgcombe (or Agecomb) died on 1 April . From A.C. , xlvi, 279. Ryght worshypfull Syr, and my specyall good master, I commaunde me to yow and

I recommaund me unto your mastership: please it you to understond that now in the begynnyng of this terme one John Hyll, Squyer, suyth a Quare impedit ayenst you in Devonshire , supposyng by his writ that ye desturbe and

therefore to be dated early in 1482. " My lady Barantyne " no doubt means Elizabeth , Lady Boteler , John Barantyne ' s mother. See note on the previ|ous letter. From A.C. , xlvi, 181. Right worshipful Master ,

I can, latynge yow have knowledge that I intendide to have bene with the King at the feste of Seynt John Baptist now late passid, to have attende upon his good grace; bot, Cousine, it is said in this contre

temperalle. And in the same ȝere, the kyng beyng in Irelonde, maystur John Wyccleef, a doctour in devenyte, and in his openyons an eretyk, this seyde mayster John , in the kynges absence, hadde asocyed to A.D. 1395 hym dyuers

seculer lordischipis bi heritage of crist as his most worþi seruauntis; but crist seiþ in þe gospel of seynt ion John xviii. 36. þat his kyngdom is not of þis world, & hadde not bi worldly lordischipis where onne to

Oseney, by John (? II) of St. John , of a messu|age, 2 curti|lages, and a dovehouse, subject to 3s. quit|rent to his manor. KNOWE tho that Be present and to Be that I, John of Seynte John , ȝafe,

2. JOHN DE STONOR TO [AN OFFICIAL IN ENGLAND ] [11 APRIL , 1325 ] On 6 Feb. , 1325 , Sir John de Stonor , knight, Arnold Gulielmi de Byarn William de Weston , and Peter de Galiciano were

62. JOHN GOODMAN TO [ THOMAS ] STONOR [ ? before 1461 ] The reference to the Duke of York makes it likely that the date is not later than 1460 . It is possible, however, that the letter may

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