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power of derkenesse / And so stode he boūden vnto that py¦ler vnto the morow / In the meane tyme John that had folo¦wed our lorde wente to our lady and mawdleyne and other of her felawes that were that

suche thing wherfor̄ I recōmende her to you: that ye make her paynes les¦se / Then̄e was with our lady John & mawdleyn the biloued discyples: & other of his freudes by the crosse of our lorde Jhū the whiche

wyth hym beryng y• crosse as it is sayd what trowe we dyde then̄e mawdlayne the true loued discyplesse what John his owne derlynge: & other isysters of our lady / But what myghte they doo: they were all ful

nedith not. sythen as ye seen he is fully dede: and was a longe tyme now passed / And therwyth John & magdalene and her other systers knelynge wyth our lady besoughten the same wyth her sore wepynge / O

before to peter the deth that he sholde suffre for his loue / And peter willynge to wite also of John that folowed with him in what maner he sholde deye: was ansuerde thus of our lorde I woll that

In som̄ outwarde signes the prophe¦cye of the deuyll may be knowē fro reuelacyons of god / Therfor̄ saith saynt John Crysostom Some she¦ew prophecye in the spyrite of deuil as ben thise men & wymen whiche men calle dyuynours

Maundevyll knyght born in Englonde in the towne of saynt Albone.Mandeville, John, Sir.Jean, 1338-ca. 1399,[4], Cviij leaves : ill.[Emprynted at Westmynster :By Wynken de worde,Anno d[o]m[ini] .M.CCCC.lxxxxix.] [1499]Attributed to John Mandeville, but in fact an English version of a text

helthe, ...Medicina stomachi.In this tretyse that is cleped Gouernayle of helthe.Gouernayle of helthe.Governayle of helthe.Joannes, 14th century,Montagnana, Bartolomeo, fl. 1422-1460,Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?.[36] p.[Westminster :William Caxton,1490?]The governal of health.The "Governayle of helthe" was originally written in Latin and is attributed both

for further information or permissions.In die Innocencium sermo pro episcopo puerorum.Alcock, John, 1430-1500.[24] p. : ill. (woodcut)[Westminster :Printed by Wynkyn de Worde,1498?]Catholic Church. Pope (1316-1334 : John XXII)Anonymous. By John Alcock.In English.Place of publication supplied and publication date conjectured by

ghoos.Horse the ghoos & the sheepHorse the ghoos & the sheep.Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?[12] leaves.[Westminster :By Wynkyn de Worde,ca. 1495]Anonymous. By John Lydgate.Title from heading, a1r.An edition of: Lydgate, John. The horse the ghoos & the sheep.Imprint from STC.In verse.Signatures: a-b6.Reproduction

by me symple persone Wylliam Caxton to thende that euery cri∣sten man may be the better encoraged tenterprise warre for the de¦fense of Cristendom. and to recouer the sayd Cyte of Iherusalem in whiche oure blessyd sauyour Ihesu Criste

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