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also follows roughly the structure of the liturgical Peregrinus,3 a form that was documented in England in an example from Lichfield that is contained in the Shrewsbury Fragments, which were somehow related to the York plays.4 The pageant’s relevance to

not appear elsewhere in the volume, has written the lyric on one and a half pages left blank between the Lichfield and Lydgate pieces. The lyric has been carefully laid out to fill the open space attractively: four large, eye-catching

Religious Lyrics of the XVth Century. Oxford: Clarendon, 1939. Pp. 233-36. [Refrain poem in same stanza; appears in Harley 1706.] Lichfield, William. The Complaint of God to Sinful Man. Ed. E. Bergstr'm. Anglia 34 (1911), 498-525. [Companion to Pety Job

Royal 8 C.i. Fifteenth century. A reshaping of Parts Two and Three of AW. Attributed to the fifteenth-century preacher William Lichfield (see Baugh's edition). French Versions Vitellius [F]. London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius F.vii. Early fourteenth century. A translation into

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