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South English Legendary: Life of St. Frideswitha (IMEV 2900 ) f. 145v South English Legendary: Life of St. Fremund (IMEV 3192 ) f. 154r South English Legendary: Life of St. Petronilla (IMEV 3049 ) ff. 155r-157v South English Legendary: Old

Library Kk.i.12 s. xv English Scribal Dialect: Herefordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 356 244, LP 7420 (McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin 1986, p. 199). A fifteenth-century copy of the Brut to the sixth year of Henry V copied in one hand.

J., ed, 1858. Early English Meals and Manners , EETS, os, 32, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Tr ü bner. Hudson, A. 1966. ‘ Tradition and Innovation in Some Middle English Manuscripts ’ , The Review of English Studies , 17,

amen'. This is a unique preface to the prologue of Rolle's English Psalter . The explicit is defective due to crumpling of the leaf. ff. 1v-2va Richard Rolle English Psalter: Prologue 'Grete plente of gostly conf ort and ioy'. 'in

Amen'. English ff. 155v-158v South English Legendary: Life of St. Cecilia (IMEV 2873 ) 'Seint cecile kinne i bore was at Rome'. 'Graunte ous to þulk ioie come þer þat angles hire to ladde. Amen'. English ff. 158b-167v South English

vicarium de malden'. English ff. 30r-40r Proverbs of Prophets, Poets and Saints/ Proverbs of Old Philosophers ( IMEV 3501 ) 'The wyse man in his boke'. 'and god that made all thynge ȝeve vs all good endyng'. English ff. 40v-127r

to suwe to sen his fate. Amen'. English f. 20rc-vb Northern Homily Cycle: Gospel 'In festo St. Andree' (IMEV 1095 ) 'Herkneþ alle old and ȝonge'. 'Amen amen all sigge we. Amen'. English ff. 20vb-21ra Northern Homily Cycle: Gospel 'In

Library Brotherton 500 s. xiv/xv English Latin Scribal Dialect (main scribe, ff. 1-147v): Worcestershire, Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 370 266, LP 7660 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 249). Lewis and McIntosh state 'North west Worcestershire' (1982, p. 56). A

The Index of Middle English Prose: Smaller Bodleian Collections , Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, pp. 25, 4-8. Hanna, R. 1997. The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XII: Smaller Bodleian collections: English miscellaneous, English poetry, English theology, Finch, Latin theology,

in full. English f. 4v Recipe Too faded to decipher. This hand also responsible for texts on ff. 1v, 3v, 4r. English f. 5r Charm for women in childbirth 'For wemen þat trawayillit on cyldebed'. Latin EnglishEnglish rubric to

in the manuscript. English f. 1r South English Legendary: The Long Life of Christ ( IMEV 3452 ) Defective Defective Fragmentary: 901 verses, covering the middle life of Christ. English Horstmann 1875, p. 1. ff. 11r-21v South English Legendary: The

20 SC 6420 s. xv 2 English Scribal dialect: Worcestershire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: Not mapped (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 250). A generously decorated copy of the Canterbury Tales beginning with the General Prologue and ending with the

Atlas of Late Medieval English: General Introduction, Index of Sources, Dot Maps , 4 vols, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1. McIntosh, A., Samuels, M. L. and Benskin, M. 1986. A Linguistic Atlas of Late Medieval English: County Dictionary , 4

South English Legendary: Life of St. Edward the Elder (IMEV 2889 ) f. 23v South English Legendary: Life of St. Benedict (IMEV 2860 ) f.24v South English Legendary: Feast of the Annunciation (IMEV 2989 ) f. 25r South English Legendary:

1r South English Legendary: Moveable Feasts/Septuagesima (IMEV 791 ) f. 1r-v South English Legendary: Lent (IMEV 1859 ) f. 3r-32r South English Legendary: The Southern Passion (IMEV 483 ) Cf. Morris 1878, pp. 956-965. f. 22r-v South English Legendary: Resurrection

1986. A Linguistic Atlas of Late Medieval English: County Dictionary , 4 vols, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 4. Bowers, R. H. 1960. ‘ A Middle English Wheel of Fortune Poem ’ , English Studies , 41, 197-198. Dennison, L., Driver,

South English Legendary: Resurrection (IMEV 1546 ) 'Resurrectio Christi', the first part of the Southern Passion . p. 222 South English Legendary: Appearance to the Maries (IMEV 2105 ) Part of the Southern Passion . pp. 222-225 South English Legendary:

woldust lorde'. English f. 9r-v Psalter of the Passion 'De psalterio passionis'. A sequence of Latin prayers with English instructions. English Latin f. 9r Instructions for prayer ( IMEV 3888 ) 'Wele is him þat wele can'. English f. 9r

from Bodl. MS Rawlinson A 389 , Middle English Texts, 22, Heidelberg: Carl Winter, p. 12. Hanna, R. 1984. The Index of Middle English Prose. Handlist 1. Handlist of Manuscripts Containing Middle English Prose in the Henry E. Huntington Library

F. 90v contains scribbles. English ff. 91r-96r Treatise on urines 'These are þe tokens of colour in urynes'. ' & viscose & loþe to departe'. Imperfect. English f. 97r-98v Latin and English catalogue of herbs English Latin ff. 99r-100r Agnus

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