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nine MSS of the South English Nativity of Mary and Christ (part of the South English Legendary) contain closely related texts. Edition: O. S. Pickering, The South English Nativity of Mary and Christ, Middle English Texts 1 (Heidelberg: Winter, 1975).

Edition: M. Wattie, The Middle English Lai le Freine', Smith College Studies in Modern Languages, vol. 10, no. 3 (Northampton, Mass.: Smithe College, 1928). (Critical edition). Other editions: A. Laskaya and E. Salisbury, The Middle English Breton Lays (Michigan: Medieval

1966). Other editions: A. Laskaya and E. Salisbury, The Middle English Breton Lays (Michigan: Medieval Publications for TEAMS, 1995). (Includes an electronic version of the text). D. B. Sands, Middle English Verse Romances (Exeter: Exeter University Press, 1986). B. Ford,

S. J. H. Herrtage, The Early English Versions of the Gesta Romanorum, EETS ES 33 (London: Trübner, 1879; reprinted 1962): 498-499. R. P. Wülcker, Altenglisches Lesebuch (Halle: Niemeyer, 1874-80). A. J. Ellis, On Early English Pronunciation, Chaucer Society, Second Series,

591 lines, not including Latin speech-labels or the English title. Ends perfect but with loss of line ends on f.35ra. Six other manuscripts of variant versions: BL Additional MS 22283 (Simeon). W. Midland. 1380-1400. Simeon also has The King of

S. J. H. Herrtage, The Taill of Rauf Coilyear ... with the Fragments of Roland and Vernagu and Otuel, The English Charlemagne Romances 6, EETS ES 39 (London: Trübner, 1882). Another edition: J. Maidment, Miscellany of the Abbotsford Club, Abbotsford

14th or first quarter of the 15th century. Edition: D. Embree and E. Urquhart, The Simonie: A Parallel-Text Edition, Middle English Texts 24 (Heidelberg: Winter, 1991). Other editions: T. W. Ross, A Satire on Edward II's England, Colorado College Studies

was Clarel fol trist, For to segge what him lust., King Charles was an old man, And Clarel hede þeroffe nam,, And seide ‘Charles, þou art old., Who made þe nou so bold, To werren oppon king Garsie, þat is

a version of Of Arthour and of Merlin in common with Auchinleck. Editions: A. Laskaya and E. Salisbury, The Middle English Breton Lays (Michigan: Medieval Institute Publications for TEAMS, 1995). (Includes an electronic version of the text). G. Schleich, 'Sir

Soule in common with Auchinleck. Edition: J. Perryman, The King of Tars: Edited from the Auchinleck Manuscript, Advocates 19.2.1, Middle English Texts 12 (Heidelberg: Winter, 1980). Another edition: F. Krause, 'Kleine Publicationen aus der Auchinleck-hs: IX, The King of Tars',

Second edition revised by G. V. Smithers (Oxford: Clarendon, 1952). Other editions: C. Bullock, 'The Enemies of Man', Review of English Studies, 5, 18 (1929): 186-194. E. Kölbing, 'Kleine Publicationen aus der Auchinleck-hs: VIII, Die Feinde des Menschen', Englische Studien,

this text. For further discussion of later and related redactions see: J. J. Thompson, 'Literary Associations of an Anonymous Middle English Paraphrase of Vulgate Psalm L', Medium Ævum, 57 (1988): 38-55. Edition: E. Kölbing, 'Kleine Publicationen aus der Auchinleck-hs', Englische

old man 'bi þi liif, Hastow ani leman bot þi wiif?, þe marchaunde answerd him aloude,, For of his leman he was proude,, 'ȝe,' he seyd 'so mot y þriue,, On þat is worþ swiche fiue.', 'O!' quaþ þe

the copyist as alternating 8- and 4-line stanzas. 199 lines. Begins imperfect. Unique Copy. Editions: B. Boyd, Middle English Miracles of the Virgin (San Marino: Huntington Library, 1964): 24-29. C. Horstmann, 'Of a Clerk who would see the Virgin', Altenglische

common with Auchinleck: the Alphabetical Praise of Women and The Sayings of St Bernard. Edition: W. H. Hulme, The Middle English Harrowing of Hell, EETS ES 100 (London: Trübner, 1907; reprinted 1961). Other editions: H. Varnhagen, Praemissa est Editionis Criticae

beutes þai han in wold., For loue of on, þat berþ þe priis, , Y prais hem, boþe ȝong & old, Bidene:, Who so lackeþ hem in lore,, He wretþes heuen-quene. , Gentelri is a plaunt, as y ȝou telle,,

many lines are missing in the body of the poem. The beginning of the story is lost in all the English MSS. Composed c.1250 in the S. E. Midlands. Three other manuscripts: CUL MS Gg.4.27.2. c.1300. S. W. Midland. 824

f.321 and another after f.323 (with about 176 and 150 lines). Edition: M. Mills, Horn Childe and Maiden Rimnild, Middle English Texts 20 (Heidelberg: Winter, 1988). Other editions: J. Hall, King Horn (Oxford: Clarendon, 1901): 179-92. J. Caro, 'Kleine Publications

child to lore, Seue winter and wel more;, Ful wel he gan him lere., Be þat he was seue winter old, He was a fair child and a bold,, And of swete chere., So hit befel þat of fer lond,

.... .... . ere of mode, .... .... seuen ȝere old, ywis,, .... .... .... de of hem blis, .... .... .... ..... fode, .... .... ere twelue winter old, .... .... .... was þer non hold, .... .... ....

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