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calendar were, for the most part, transcribed for the old Record Commission more than sixty years ago. On the dissolution of that Commission its labours terminated abruptly and no steps were taken to utilise these transcripts, of which a great

1923. - English Life in the Middle Ages . Oxford, 1926 (1945). - English Trade in the Middle Ages . Oxford, 1931. Stubbs, W. The Constitutional History of England , 5th ed. Oxford, 1891 (1926). Tengvik, G. OldEnglish Bynames

their meddling with any old work to sell. And in the same manner, the old workers shall not work upon anything but old leather for sale, on pain of forfeiting such work; except in mending old boots and shoes, that

o., ob. obolus, halfpenny. ODan Old Danish. OE OldEnglish. OF Old French. OG Old German. OHG Old High German. OLG Old Low German. ON Old Norse. ONF Old North French. OScand Old Scandinavian. OSw(ed) Old Swedish. Ports Portsoken ward.

and it has been necessary to search all the English episcopal registers in the hope of finding exchanges of benefices between English and Welsh clergy. Information has come from almost every English diocese, even from York and Durham in the

the chief lords of the fee. English . Kent. C. 8029. Indenture, dated 11 April, 1589, witnessing that Thomas Smythe of London, esquire, has demised to Roger Leake 36 a . land in the old inned marsh in the parish

of old leather, for the sole, 5 or for the overlethir ; but that it shall also be fully lawful for the said workers in old leather to clout old boots and old shoes with new leather upon the old

revenge on, 124 n. sends back English ambassadors, refuses demands, 126; suspicions of brother, 127. expected negotiations with England, 128; has English arrested at Bordeaux, 129, 130. professes friendship for Burgundy, 130; puzzled by English news, 133. Warwick sends to,

with the English, and that under the pretence of wanting to go against the English in defence of his Majesty's affairs, he intends to collect his Majesty's forces, and then put himself on the side of the English and act

high in the estimation of the English king. For the time being he is ambassador of his Majesty together with a person called Doctor Benet. These two with the ordinary ambassador of the English king resident with the Most Christian,

land in Godstone; William to have the old hall and Nicholas the new house built by himself and by Walter his father, and the threshing-place of the barn to be divided between them. English . Staff. C. 7627. Grant by

of messuages, land, and rent late of Thomas Spenser , esquire, deceased, in Hodnell, Old Hodnell, Ascott, Hookes and St. Helens (as in C. 7692). English. Signed by Sir Edward Grevell and Thomas Wilkes. Two seals, one of arms .

Halliwell, A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words L.R.S . Publications of the Lincoln Record Society N.E.D . A New English Dictionary Reg . Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of Lincoln Subsidy , 1526 Subsidy collected in the Diocese of

the like, as the English Bussh, Darnole, Knapwedd, Rys ; from articles of clothing or the like, as the English Cappe, Hoode, Ponge, Sok, Bokskyn , the French Skarlet ; names of food-stuffs, as the English Piggesfles , the French

English Chronicle of the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI written before the year 1471 , ed. J. S. Davies (Camden Society, London, 1856). English Historical Documents, 1189-1327 , ed. H. Rothwell (London, 1973).

great majority of the documents are written either in Latin or English, but a few are in Norman-French and Welsh. Those which are written in any language but English, I have translated, and in no such case is the original

The English Commissioners abated one third. The Spaniards proposed that, as there was sufficient time for it, two or four persons should be selected as umpires. The English Commissioners declined it, and gave their reasons. The Spaniards desired the English

Street, Parshor. English . Endorsed with note of livery of seisin. Kent. C. 7955. Indenture, dated 25 November, 1592, witnessing that John Smythe of Sturrey, esquire, has demised to Thomas Saresbie, yeoman, 4 a . land in the old inned

of Kyngisbrigge, merchant, and Robert Putt of Norton, husbandman, to Nicholas Davelles. 22 April, 5 Henry VIII. Condition ( in English ) for due performance of the terms of C. 7504. Seal, damaged, and fragment . [Bedford. ] C. 7506.

Thomas Tyle, late of Old Windsor, to Thomas Godard, citizen and mercer of London, of 181/2 acres of land in Old Windsor parish, in a field called 'le Hamme,' paying therefor 1/4 lb. of pepper yearly. Old Windsor, 6 December,

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