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The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales icon

The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales

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old man vilenye But he trespas othir in worde or dede In holy writ ye may your seluen rede Ageyns an old man whoor vpon his heed Ye shul aryse wherfore I yeue yow reed Ne doth to an

o thyng warne I yow , my freendes deere I wol noon old wyf han , in no manere She shal nat passe , .xx. yeer certeyn Old fissh , and yong flessh , wol I haue feyn Bet is

Bet is Ï he a pyk þan a pykrelle Old fleissh and ȝong fleissh þat wolde I han ful fayn Sche schal nouȝt passe xvj ȝer certayn I wol non old wyf haue in no manere , But oþing warne

is no curteysye To spekyn to an old man vilanye But he trespace in word or ellis in dede In holy wryt ye may youre seluyn weel reede Ne doth vn to an old man noon harm now Na more

allien But oo þing warne I ȝow my frendes deere I wil noon old wyf haue in no manere Sche schal not passe sixtene ȝer certayn Old fleisch and ȝong fleisch þat wold I haue ful fayn Bet is quod

it is no curtesye , To speke vnto an old man vilonye But he trespas in word or elles dede In holy writ ȝe may ȝour self wel rede Aȝens an old man hoor vpon his hede ȝe schold arise

schuld an old wight doon fauour And clepe him fader for ȝour gentilesse And certes I schal fynden as I gesse Than drede ȝow nought to ben a cokewold Now þer þat ȝe sayn I am foul and old For

his youthe for myn age In holy writ ye may your self wel rede Agayns an old man To speken , to an old man vileynye For which ful pale , and welked is my face But sires , to

been of hir parage For thogh they yeue vs , al hir heritage Nat of oure eldres , for hir old richesse Crist , wol we clayme of hym oure gentilesse Taak hym , for the gentileste man To do

goo Nay thanne qd she , I shrewe vs bothe twoo For though that I be foul , old and pore I nold for al the metal , ne for ore That vnder erthe is graue , or lith a

Sche schal not passe twenty ȝeer certayn Old fysch ȝong flesch , wolde I haue ful fayn Bet is quod he a pyk thā a pykerel And bet than old bef is the tendere veel I wil no weman ,

of honour Seyn þt men schuld an old wyȝt don fauour And clepȳ hȳ fadyr of ȝoure gentilesse And auctouris schal I fyndyn as I gesse Now þere ȝe seyn I am foul old Thāne drede ȝow not to ben

þus his tale I told In al þe route nas þer ȝong ne old That he ne seyde it was a noble story And worþi to be drawen in memory And namely þe gentils euerich oon Our host þo lowh

shold wynne Ne haue I noght xij pens wyth in myn hold Ye knowen wel that I am pore and old Kythe your almes on me pore wrecche Nay than quod he . the foule fend me fecche Yif I

honour Seyn that men shold an old wight doon fauour And clepe him fadyr for your gentilnesse And auctours shal I fynde as I gesse Now there ye sey that I am foule and old Thanne drede yow nought to

to telle ȝou vnto For in þis worlde is dogge for no bowe That knew an hurt deer from an old bite kowe Than þat þis sompnour knew a sleigh lecchour Or avouter or elles a paramour And for þat

wele And haue an Ax , some a mace of stele There nys no newe gyse , þt it nas old Armed were they , as I haue ȝow told Euerych after , hise opynioū There maist þè se ,

hese leggys wel And han an ax some a mace of stel There is non newe gyse that it nas old Armede were þey as I haue ȝow told Eueryche aftyr hese opynyoū Ther mayst þè sen , comynge wt

Ualirian is to þe place y goon And right as him was taught by his lernynge He fond þis holy old vrban anoon Among þe seyntes buriels lotynge And he anoon wiþoute taryinge Did his message and whan þat he

Amendid quod þis knight allas nay nay It wol nought ben amendid neuer mo Thow art so loþly and so old also And þerto comen of so lowh a kynde That litil wonder is þough I walwe and wynde So

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