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Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550 icon

Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550

84 results from this resource . Displaying 1 to 20

Bookplate of John Borthwick, 'Crookston' on front pastedown. On a slip (pasted?) onto , "upon the couer of the oldEnglish Life of Christ ....Iste liber constat wilelmo Squyer". Notes - References and Other Resources Hardy, A Revelation of Purgatory

of Pseudo-Bonaventuran Text(s) Liber Aureus de Passione et Resurreccione Domini Incipit " O ur lord whan he was xxx years old he made hise apostles", 1r. At the beginning of the section after the Liber Aureus component of the text,

microfilm analysis. Revision date: June 1st, 2010 Heading 2 volumes of English religious literature bound together (in the C16?), C15. Condition Both volumes are in good condition (the Prick of Conscience book showing less signs of handling); there are a

English Studies , 33 (2003): 170-181. G.A. Lester , The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist II (1985) 14-24. [A full bibliographical study of John Rylands 85, which shares many items with Laud Misc. 23]. C.A. Martin , 'Middle

fols 20 and 21. 7. Lydgate, The Life of Our Lady , IMEV 2574, fols 21r-119r. 8. The Libel of English Policy , IMEV 3491 (collated in Wright, ed., Political Poems , II, 157-205) ends imperfectly, "Off ffortitude Iustice Agilite"

Middle English Meditationes Passione Christi Profile author: Allan F. Westphall Revision date: June 1st, 2010 Approximate Date, Sources, Provenance   This profile of the Middle English Meditationes de Passione Christi uses the text in Joseph Jenks' doctoral thesis,  ‘A Critical

gracias", fol. 265r. Languages of the MS English. Some items with Latin marginal apparatus. Detailed Description of Contents 1. A text of two parts enjoining the reader to keep the law the Old Testament, and to forgive one's neighbours their

edited by Peltier) and the Middle English Meditationes de Passione Christi from Bodley 789 (with variants noted from Caius 646/669 and Laud Misc. 23). An introduction in Jenks’s edition briefly surveys various Middle English Passion texts and adaptations from the

alludes in his preface. A Mirror is a Middle English gospel harmonisation recounting the life of Christ from the Nativity to the Crucifixion and post-Resurrection appearances. Unusually for such late-medieval English accounts, it includes two opening chapters, written 'vnder the

of the Last Supper and Christ’s post-Resurrection appearances is found in no other Middle English adaptation. The version in Pepys 2125 invites comparison with the Middle English Meditationes de Passione Christi , the adaptation of the Passion sequence of the

us amoris". Secundo Folio Explicit Languages of the MS Item 1 is English with some Latin phrases and headings; item 2 is Latin and item 3 is unique English translation of item 2. Detailed Description of Contents 1. Speculum Devotorum

English prayer, 37v-39v. 18. 'O holi lord fadir almighti', English prayer, 39v-40v. 19. 'O thou sauio r of all the world', English prayer, 40v-41v 20. 'Lord Ih es u s crist that woldist for the redempcion of the world',

BL MS Egerton 2658]. Item 3: English Lyric in 8 stanzas, fols 96v-97r; for a full text see Hulme xxxviii-xxxix; Ker draws comparison with IMEV , 1701-11. Item 4: Marian prayer in Latin and English, fols 97r-8r. 5. The Charter

English, "In Historia Scolastica þat is in þe storie of scoole men", fol. 61v). This text is notable in both Latin and English recensions, for its thorough referencing of sources, something promised in the prologue to both Latin and

MS English with some Latin phrases within the text. Detailed Description of Contents 1. 'Middle English Medititationes de Passione Christi ', lacks opening chapter, but may not be lacking opening leaves, fols 1r-33v. 2. 'a good praiere', an English prose

Taylor 11 Described by: Ryan Perry from microfilm analysis. Revision date: June 1st, 2010 Heading Northern English miscellany containing Speculum Vitae , 'Middle English Meditatines de Passione Christi ' and a fragmentary copy of The Siege of Jerusalem , late

Privity rather than a "Middle English Meditationes . Lawton,?David A.? ?'Gatrynge's Sermon: "Dictamen"and Middle English Alliterative Verse', Modern Philology , Vol. 76, No. 4 (May, 1979), pp. 329-343. Greg, W. W., Facsimiles of Twelve Early English Manuscripts in the Library

(fol. 116r). References and Other Resources Curt F. Bühler, "A Middle English Versified Prayer to the Trinity", MLR 66 (1951), pp. 312-14. Jean F. Preston and Laetitia Yeandle, English Handwriting 1400-1650 , (1992), pl. 3. Kathleen Scott, Illustration 68-9. Sargent

Miscellany of Middle English Religious texts (pseudo-Bonaventure and Rolle) Condition Flyleaves are somewhat darkened but generally very good. Number of Items 5 (3 integral items with 2 items penned slightly later). Title(s) of Pseudo-Bonaventuran Text(s) 'Middle English Meditationes de Passione

4011. 15. "Primus articulus pertinens ad deitatem", English prose articles of belief relating to the divinity of Christ, fols 95v-96r. 16. "Hic incipiunt septem Arrticuli que pertinent ad humanitatem I hesus ", English prose articles of belief relating to Christ's

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