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text in red or blue; running titles and side notes supplied in C15 in Latin and English (poss. scribal?). Annotation and Marginalia Latin and English annotation, C15-C16; see long description. Erasures? Marginalia erased in various places; see long description. Graffiti?

and 4th quarter C15. References in LALME No entry in LALME Items in the MS 13 Contents 1: Latin and English verse by John Lydgate, Graunte Cato , fols 3r-29v 2: verse, Lydgate, ‘Stans Puer ad mensam’, fols 30r-31v 3:

from Henry III (fol. 69r); proper names underlined. Annotation and Marginalia Scribal and other C15 annotation, in both Latin and English, eg. scribal notae: fol. 67v 'how kyng John was poysend by a monke and dede and the monke also',

poss. mid-C15. References in LALME No entry in LALME . Items in the MS 5 Contents 1: genealogical descent of English Kings from Noah to Edward IV (recording Edward IV’s wife Elizabeth, d. 1483, and their son Thomas, earl 1471-75),

competent scribes. Number of Leaves i + 190; Pastedowns and fol. i are 3 leaves of a noted missal in English, C18, feria ii and feria iii post ramos . Mis-en-page 1 column, 28-44 lines; frames prob. ruled in ink.

the English boys and St. Austin and the rays' tails with axe sigla, (Brie, 96 and 97). Fol. 29v: the spread of pestilence among the Britains during the riegn of Cadwallader, (Matheson, PB 58). Fol. 39v: Mistreatment of the English

1ra-1vb 2: Life of St. Katherine , English prose, fols 9r-24r, ends imperfectly, ‘how Maxcence was punnysshed for this foly/ and for other’ 3: The Life of St. James the Apostle , English prose, fols 24v-29v 4: Life of the

Marginalia C15-16 Latin glosses on fols 27r; C15-16, 'nota bene' written many times throughout; C16 English glosses on fols 19r, 23r, 60v, 61r, 62r; C17-18 English glosses and underlining on fols. 9r, 15v, 16r-18v, 20v, 21r, 24r, 30r, 31r-32r, 35r,

miracles of Thomas of Lancaster, (Brie, 228:16ff) Fol. 86v: Latin annotation mixed with English, beside Merlin's prophecies concerning the reign of Ed II, (Brie, 243:5-7) 'multos petentebus...with English maxim missasrs and soul/dasrs(?) was neuer(?) good house houlders', C15-C16 A reader

C15. References in LALME No entry in LALME Items in the MS 2 Contents 1: Johannes de Bado Aureo, Middle English De arte heraldica , fols. 1r-17v Brut Chronicle, fols. 18r-168v Related Manuscripts Item 1 also occurs in BL Addit.

the exordium, which records the latest king is Henry V (rather than the usual Edward III); the heraldic list of English knights which follows the Brut also appears to relate to knights who served during the rule of Henry V

of the/ hous and therfore'; 96v: 'to seint Thomas de/-the of Lancastir'. Annotation and Marginalia Extensive C15 annotation, Latin and English, in a consistent hand, often marked by a paraph or nota sigla and underlined; (it was apparently added at

represents the completion/continuation of the text to 1419 using a new exemplar, a CV-1419r&g. 2. Fol. 109v: Royal declaration/commission in English, against the maintenance of criminals, begins 'Tenor articuli commissionis domini Regis' 3. Fol. 110r: 'Revelation of Ezra', begins, 'Revelatio

has been removed from fol. 142; the verso side of this leaf contains examples of religious writing in Latin and English, (C15), and it is possible that this material prompted the excision. Graffiti? Sgrafitti Style of hands Anglicana with marked

in LALME Items in the MS 1 Contents Brut Chronicle Related Manuscripts Textually related to early version of the Middle English Brut , but the addition of 'Cadwallader episode' (poss. taken from the short version of the French Brut )

76:7-12) C15-C16 63r 'of the prophecyes of merlyn', C15 67r: nota mark, beside Edward I's advance to Berwick (Brie, 189:10-11) English rhyme about the Scots is underlined (Brie 189: 1-6) 72v: 'nota bene of merlyns prophecye', (Brie, 203) C15. Erasures?

Hawkwood, (Brie, 322:8 ff.) Fol. 147r: Nota bene hand indicates underlined text, which describes sea raids by the French on English ports, (Brie, 335:23-27), poss. C15-C16 Fol. 150v: A reader picks up on the 24 knights of the Garter who

146r); 146r: the glossator of fol. 46v has added the following four lines at the end of the text; ‘This English booke that is present / was made to a good entente / ffor hem that englishe vnderstonde / of

on the Clare family, fol. 1r 2. Genealogical roundels centring on the claim of Edward IV to the French and English thrones, fol. 2r 3. Brut Chronicle, fols. 3r-157v. Related Manuscripts From the manuscripts in Matheson's grouping, the heading might

copied Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Oxford, New College MS 314, and Bodl. MS Dugdale 45, Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes. Stephen Partridge, English Manuscript Studies 6 (1997), pp. 229-36, states that CUL Ii.3.2.6 is similar to Dugdale 45 and New College 314,

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