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. as it fel in her lay an old man þ er was in þe te m ple . þ t hoten was Symeon an . C . wynt er he was old & twelue . vnneþ e he my3tte

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 463 Text: South English Legendary fol. 115raline 9 LEsteneþ alle & herkeneþ me ; 3ong & olde thewe & freo . And J . 3ou telle sone hou a 3ong man gent & freo ;

Cotton Cleopatra D.ix, hand of fols 156r-167 Text: South English Legendary fol. 156raþe lady lette we stille beo how þ t litel child was founde hende in halle herkneþ me I chote he sanke not to grounde þ t god

Cambridge University Library, Ff.v.48, Hand B Text: South English Legendary Tranche 1 fol. 79rSant Michaell ye archangell : & his fellagh also Er be-twene god & vs : to schewe quat we shall do A day yai haue in y

old and of Robyn ye Burdemo n a+mon of iiij x x 3ere old and jake of Gorton a+mon a+mon of iiij x x & iiij 3er old and of John By the brok amon of [xx] iiij 3ere

Cathedral, Chapter Library 229 (B.6.7.) Text: General Sentence of Excommunication in English fol. 124vline 9 Alle yo y t ye fraunchise of holy kirk brekon . or yo right destorblen . or y er to assenten w t dede word

hit did for hit legh so negh his tenauntes John atkynson sworne & examynt says he was . xvj yere old at ye forme deth and acordes in all thyng es to the forsaid Ric wylkynson saue y t he

waybrod & þ e lefs of fenikle & old grece & stompe it and bynd it þ er -to Anoþ er take hor re hon & sta m pe it w t old grece & anoi n t þi pap

frost snow and w t fold But þ e lattyr ende shall be goode The soner fayer & goode also Old folke schall haue grete who wome n & childryn n bestys & corn n Shuld multyplye and non n

Wrath of old þat shuld be out of mynde be not a-boute to make efte on lyve but the Envyous hath ay the tecche of kynde Suche malyce my child loke þu not revyve For such yr of old maketh

werkes and fle folie ; fol. 5rþorou3 drede þ er may conceyue þ er by Ther-fore this boke is in English drawe Of diu er s maters þat beþ vnknawe To lewede men þat beþ vnku n nyng That beþ

London, BL Egerton 2810, Hand A Text: South English Legendary Tranche 1 fol. 30vline 25SEynt patric com þor3 godis g ra ce . to p re chi in yrlonde . To teche 3em þe Ri3te bileue . of ih es

London, BL Cotton Cleopatra D.ix Text: South English Legendary fol. 153vaAlle þ t beoþ in sinne ibounde And þencheþ godes m er ci to abide Lustneþ & herkneþ on stounde Hou sinne on eorþe sp re deþ wide Bote for

catell in a feld cald Crokyns Dernefeld Northe feld and the Medos of the sayd prio ur s in the old hey [& oþ er places] in so myche quere the prior was wont to hafe xxiiij fothers of hay

art you . all for-wrapped save yi face . Why lyvest you so long in so gret age . This old man gan loke in his visage And seid thus for j can not fynde . A man yough j

Send me a tokyn for my sake whed er it be send erly or late J shall it kepe for old qway n tena n c & now to crist j you betake to saue & kepe in whert &

loegece and þerynne he fond an old cite all iwasted and desert and ney ther man womman ne child ne othir creature duellyng þerynne And in þe myddil of þat Cite he fond an old temple and þerynne was a

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 145 Text: South English Legendary fol. 15r Certes q ua þ þis enchanteor . þat me ssel 3itte yse þ t alle þi wiues children . under hur ssolleþ be . For þis wo m man

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 43 Text: South English Legendary Tranche 1 fol. 72rAl an tide of þe day : we wer i n derkhede Ate laste our s u ete lord : v er rore ous gon lede . So

ma tier ; he seide þat shal no ben seen in an old tre . but in a yonge . space for initial with i indicatedf an old tre bigynnynge to waxe drye þus quyketh ageyn As Ar istot l

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