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Walloon or Picard complexion, and apparently, from the extraordinary manner in which the commonest English names and surnames are dealt with, by scribes of anything but English extraction. By way of recompense, howe ver, for these aberrations, several curious 15

1 The oath contained the following words: quod approbatas et approbandas hujus Ecclesiae Consuetudines, prout eas didicerit, observabit . This old statutable custom has continued, with some variations, down to the present time: sometimes a Bible or New Testament has

Basset, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of a right of common in a certain piece of wood near Sir Hugh's old park of Fasterne, which Sir Hugh has enclosed by the king's licence; with grant by Philip that Sir Hugh

50 marks. If the said feoffment is made with warranty, the old deeds of feoffment and release with warranty shall remain with William, otherwise Percy is to have the old deeds in William's custody delivered to him; if the said

to pay to Henry lord Fitz Hugh the wages, fees and other emoluments to his offices due or accustomed of old time, and to pay him the arrears thereof; as in consideration of his unpaid service, especially now of late

Bristol, William Knapp owner and John Senches master, which now of late John Cotoun has laded in that port with old wine, salt, cloth and other merchandise to be taken to Ireland it is said, and the wine etc., first

and assigns. Demise and enfeoffment with warranty of three tenements in London viz. the Kyngeshede and the Dolfyn in the Old Change, St. Mary Magdalen Oldfysshestrete, and a third in St. Vedast's parish Westchepe, with shops, solars and cellars pertaining

were therefore sold to James Gunter subject to those leases. Edward Gostwyk, the King's Audi tor, appends his note in English, to the effect that he is aware of no reason why the premises, as set forth in the Particulars

persons taking reluge in a, 9. Churches , appropriated to religious, 375. Civil war in England , 80. Clergy , old, supported, 162, 286. Clerks , married, 11, 15, 23, 29, 52, 53, 59, 79, 80, 84-86, 90, 91, 105,

tail, of a messuage, garden and 21/2 a . land English in the town of La Medesole, which he had of Richard La Pape, merchant; of 1/2 a . land English in the free borough of La Medesole, which he

to be in the Tolbooth:- Pikes, new and old, 136; bandoliers, 53; newdressed muskets, 101; old muskets, 60; onehalf barrel and firkin of powder; a peck full of ball; new swords, 53; old swords, 21; 4 colours [Council Records, II.,

milestone on the Old Kent Road. The Emperor during his stay in London occupied Westminster Palace, whilst Henry himself, we are told, lodged at Lambeth. Kingsford's 'Chronicles of London,' p. 124. This proclamation, which is in English, is set out

voted on or put on leet for the third year. They also ordained that in future the old provost, and the three old bailies who had borne office with him, should set down the new leets, out of which those

hures or hattes" was of old with men of the Mistery of Hatters and Haberdashers as well as of the Mistery of Cappers. They therefore prayed that this new ordinance might be annulled and the old system observed. After due

elevens at Westminster; he was in the Oxford football eleven, and played in the semi-final for the English Football Association Cup in the Old Westminster Eleven; he was for eleven years in the Norfolk cricket eleven , of which for

the. See Auditors. -, litigation in the. See Apostolie see. -, master of. See Turrecremata. Apostolic see :- appeals to:- English, 45, 46, 78, 180, 245, 259, 274, 466, 497, 546 ( bis ), 547, 598, 599. Irish, 44, 71,

descent formed a very large proportion of the English race at the Norman Conquest, and that this important political and ethnographical fact has not received sufficient attention in recent histories of the English people. The social habits and condition of

payment of the English merchants for their goods seiz ed in Flanders, then the father of the said count should restore the deficiency, with similar clause for restitution by the king of England in case the English goods seized in

the London house would seem to have retained, if it had not increased, its old distinction as one of the chief conventual schools of the English province. About 1236 Albert of Pisa appointed Vincent of Coventry to be lector at

west side. The new walls of the vestry follow the inner face of the old walls, but, being only 1 ft. 10 in. in width, the old walls project beyond the new work some 1 ft. 4 in. to 1

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