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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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yow vn-to me Bvt for ye speken / of swich gentillesse ¶ De generositate As is descended / out of old richesse That therfore / sholden ye be gentil men Swich arrogance / is nat worth an hen Looke /

told In al þ e route nas þere ȝyng ne old That he ne seyde it nas a noble story And worthy for to drawe to memory And nameli þ e gentilis euerychon Our ost lough and swor so mote

be-fel þat onys on a day This somenour euere waytynge on hyse pray Wente for to somounne a wedewe an old rybibe ffeynynge a cause for he wolde brybe And happede he saw by-fore hym ryde A gay ȝeman vndir

knight had þus his tale y-told In all þe companye nas þer ȝong ne old That he ne seyde it / was a noble storye And worþi for to drawen in memorie And nameliche þe gentils euerych oon Oure Oost

to telle ȝou vnto ffor in þis worlde is dogge for no bowe That knew an hurt deer from an old bite kowe Than þat þis sompnour knew a sleigh lecchour Or avouter or elles a paramour And for þat

þat þe knight had þus his tale I-told In al þe route nas þer ȝong ne old That he ne seyde it was a noble story And worþi to be drawen in memory And namely þe gentils euerich oon Oure

bifel þat oones on a day This sompnour euer wayting on his pray Rod forth to sompne a widew and old ribibe Feynyng a cause for he wolde bribe And happed þat he say bifore him ryde A gay ȝeman

Inglond , For seynt Charite . ' ¶ ' Do way, leue sir, ' seyd Gij . ' Icham an old man, a feble bodi: Mi strengþe is fro me fare. ' Þe king fel on knes to grounde, &

kepe thy nayles. ¶ Of curtesye also agenst the lawe, With sowne Which sou dishonest for to do offence; Of old surfaytes abrayde nat thy felawe; Toward thy souerayne alwey thyn aduertence; Play withe no knyf, take heede to my

de mouton manger de glouton: Pro. Flesh of a Mutton is food for a glutton; (or was held so in old times, when Beefe and Bacon were your onely dainties.) Cot . / Stewed feysaund / Swan The rule for

Divino, " while saying " it is certainly erroneous. " I have preferred to keep near to the old name, which after all is not very wrong. It is true that the chief subject of the tract is the wrongfulness

363 Each has its own duties, and may not infringe on the province of another 364 II. Christ in the old law gave no possessions to the clergy, but ordered them to live on tithes and other offerings 364 This

. for to fiht. Ȝit quaþ Jhu . of myn askyng þou ne ȝiuest . non onswere I. am ful Old . þeih I. be ȝing A. louely lore .I. wol þe lere Tak þis tale . of my teching

scliros ab aliis sephiros vel sclirosis. Halle . Table , p. 114. " Scirrhus , id est durities, writen of old Sclirosis , is (as I gat her of Galen in diuers places) a tumore against nature, and an affecte

þ t i c ȝou habbe itold. ffor ech godnesse myd hire was : boþe ȝong & old. þo heo was fourtene ȝer old, : þe biscop of þe lawe Het ech maide of þulke elde : to hore contreie

saide, by poyson happeliche I dronke, atte Warham his body was take to buriels. purueid þat poyson þorgh hatered of old. Brittrik hir lord, þat scho nouht wiste, Unwarned drank þerof a drauht als him liste. He lyued bot a

no curteisye To speken / to an old man vileynye But he trespase in word / or ellis in dede In holy writ ye may your self wel rede ¶ Agayns an old man / hoor vp-on his heed ¶

ȝow. it is no curtesye To speke vnto an old man vilonye But he trespas in word or elles dede In holy writ ȝe may ȝour self wel rede Aȝens an old man hoor vpon his hede Ȝe schold arise

so bifel / that ones on a day This Somnour / euere waityng on his pray ffor to somne an old wydwe a Ribibe ffeynynge a cause / for he wolde brybe Happed / that he saugh bifore hym ryde

¶ Ther was a Monk a fair man and a bold I trowe / a thritty wynter / he was old That euere in oon / was drawyng to that place This yonge Monk that was so fair of face

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