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Whitbred, saddler, discharged by Henry Bartone, the Mayor, and the Aldermen from serving on juries, & c., owing to increasing old age. Exon'acio Joh'is Mede civis London'. 2 Oct., 5 Henry V. [A.D. 1417 ] , John Mede similarly discharged

lands, & c., in the county of Derby to the yearly value of six marcs. 20 January, 18 Henry VII. English . [Surrey. ] C. 304. Grant by Richard de Chippenham, hosier, of London, to Roger ate Crouch, of Little

the Forest of Kannok . The wood of Richard de Grendon and of Nicholas de Alerewych, in Edricheshurst, wasted of old 1/2 mark. The wood of Hugh de Boweles, do. 1/2 " " Robert de Grendon at Scenestone, do. 1/2

as such by the English army. 24 A council of war resolved to obey the proclamation; advanced detachments were called in, and a permanent camp was established at Dunse. Meanwhile, towards the end of May, the English army had advanced

specified in a pair of indentures of even date, between the above parties, then the above bond shall be void. English . Devon. A. 6515. Award by William de Courteney, William Kyngeston, and Richard Graynfild, knights, arbitrators in a dispute

to his children in tail and then for sale. The children died without heirs and Katharine as executrix, with John English, rector of All Hallows Honey Lane, sold the �7. 1s. rents in 1368 to Adam Fraunceys, citizen, who immediately

will be seen that, in the reign of Henry VIII., criminals were imprisoned in the King's Castle of Cardiff. The old Welsh Court of Great Sessions for Glamorganshire was held alternately at Cardiff, Swansea and Cowbridge. The bundle for each

Bacun, woolmonger, discharged by Henry Bartone, the Mayor, and the Aldermen from serving on juries, & c., owing to increasing old age. Folio 61 b. Les alliaunces perentre Engleterre Haynan' Hollan' Zeland'. Letters patent confirming to merchants of Holland and

Olde Eschaunge in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen, in Old Fisshestrete, the tenement called 'the Kyngez hede' excepted, were granted to the above-named parties. 16 November, 25 Henry VI. English. Two seals . Middx. B. 2095. Release by John

own occupation, at 'the old accustomed rent' of 3 l . 'at the foure termes of the yere withyn the hundred of Keryer moste used,' & c.; attorneys to deliver seisin, Lawrens Chynhale and Nicholas Trethowen. English. Signed John Reskymer.

tiler, discharged by Thomas Knolles, the Mayor, and the Aldermen from serving on juries, & c., on account of increasing old age. Br'e de admit tend' Nich'm Symcok in officium sub coron'. Writ to the Mayor and Sheriffs to admit

deceased, 516. -, -, John Dunmowe, English ambassador at Rome, 516, 536. -, -, -, -, his death, 578. -, precentor of, Richard Stakpoll, 516. Lincoln , diocese of, 238, 528. Linens , English, 844. -, -, exported, 3. Linlithgow

due, which they held by gift of the said Elizabeth Prudde, that then this obligation shall stand in full strength. English . 1474. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 8 January, 13 Edward IV. 1203 William Dyste, citizen and goldsmith of London, and

B Salisbury Diocesan Records, at Trowbridge, Wiltshire Record Office, D1/1/2, Liber Evidentiarum B. Bec Docs . Select Documents of the English Lands of the Abbey of Bec , ed. M. M. Chibnall. Camden 3rd series lxxiii, 1951. Biog. Camb .

of old had: and Sir Robert promised that he would leave the mines as well apparelled as he found them the day of making these indentures: to which each party has set his seal. Given Boston, 21 May, 1487. English

any other, for had it been so he would have had knowledge 'or ellis herd say therof'; that he saw old deeds under his father's name shown to him by Alianore Kyng, by which his father gave all his land

of York, it was of old sufficiently endowed to the honour of God and St. Michael for masses etc. and for the habitation of religious, but is now, through the long wars between the English and French, in a state

unsold, which he may not sell within the realm save at no small loss for that the wine is too old and so spoiled by long keeping that it may serve no man for drinking, if assured that answer is

To Henry bishop of Terouane ( Morinen .). Indult, as below. His recent petition contained that by reason that the English near his city and diocese, formerly the relentless enemies of the citizens of Terouane, have held and hold possession

king promised many things to them, which afterwards he did not fulfil". 1 Edward's attendance at the enthronement of his old friend Walter Reynolds as archbishop of Canterbury on 17 January 1314 was to be the last indication of the

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