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MS. 6956 fos. 107r-110r, from the missing Liber F fo. 66 (dated 1279) Obituary III - WD 4 fos. 94v-96v (old fos. 92v-93v, 103r-v) (latter half of the thirteenth century) 2 Obituary IV - Documents Illustrating the History of S.

and Wells, see Introduction. See also the valuable introduction to the list of priors by J. Greatrex, Biographical Register of English Cathedral Priories c . 1066-1540 (Oxford, 1997) pp. 1-7. PRIORS For the priors of Bath to 1216, see Heads

volume of Early Lincoln Wills: an abstract of all the wills and administrations recorded in the Episcopal Registers of the old Diocese of Lincoln, 1280-1547 . The volume is full of interest, though some names, and also many details which

buy clothes. Had asked De Puebla to speak to the King of England to allow her to have an oldEnglish lady as companion while Dona Elvira Manuel was absent in Flanders, but it had nothing advantaged her, for he

Old Foundation in England, originally Churches of Secular Canons, are nine in number: these are Chichester, Exeter, Hereford, Lichfield, Lincoln, London, Salisbury, Wells, and York. 1 Much has been done of late years to make the Records of the

9 March, 42 Edward III. [A.D. 1367-8 ] , came John de Bathe, Richard de Halstede, and John de Heygham, English weavers, into Court, of whom John de Bathe and Richard de Halstede were sworn bailiffs to govern their mistery,

"Le Holdjwherye," suggesting that it might mean a sign of the "Old Wheiry" or "Old Ferry," whereas there can be little doubt that it is nothing else than the "Old Jewry." Set out in 'Memorials,' pp. 355-6. Cf. 'Rot. Parl.,'

suit. He, the vandal, as we should now call him, in the next year, 1595, proceeded to pull down 'the old decayed and ruyned edifices' as he styles them, one over the other, and to build new ones in their

was chairman of the local branch of the Liberal Associ ation. But by 1885 he was a member of the old Local Board for the township, and remained with the Urban District Council until his death. When the County Council

lives all suche londes as he is possessed of except the maner of Barunhalle. Dated 6 June, 34 Herry VI. English . Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings, 30 June. Richard Grayell citizen and 'fysshemonger' of London, to Stephen

alloy and lighter by one pennyweight each than English groats, and half pence of Scotland whereof four are not above one English pennyweight, paying the same to various lieges instead of good English money, and turning them to other uses,

the same time further diplomatic moves were made at the papal curia to try to obtain the canonisation of Despenser's old enemy, Thomas of Lancaster. 4 However dramatic the events during the parliament, relations between England and France were also

following effect, viz. :- (1) That no one of the mistery shall work any English wool over Spanish thread ( filasse ), but English wool over English wool, and Spanish thread over Spanish thread, except such work as was enrolled

with the official English version, printed by Rymer ('Foedera,' ix. 916-20), together with a writ to the Sheriffs of London to make due pro clamation of the same, the writ being dated 14 June, 1420. An English version of the

north side in the pavement. 33 An English List 34 of burials at the Grey Friars, which, though much shorter, seems to be of independent origin, adds a few names, viz.: William English, Sir Bartholomew Enfield, Sir Henry Enfield, Sir

article on 'Orders and rank in the cathedral of Old Sarum', Studies in Church History xxvi (1989) 55-63, at p. 60, I wrongly stated that Salisbury was unique among the English cathedrals in having this classification. Such is the poverty

second English parliament of Charles, he was hard pressed for supplies even to equip his fleet, and had appealed unsuccessfully to the city of London for a loan; had demanded with scant success a free gift from the English counties;

to his courts held within the said manor of Reskymer Meneake; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Chynowit and Reynolde Heyme. English . Cornw A. 13303. Bond by Thomas Trethurff, gentleman, to John Reskymer, of Mirden, esquire, and to John Reskymer

Cok, mercer, discharged by Stephen Forster, the Mayor, and the Aldermen from serving on juries, & c., owing to increasing old age. Thursday, 28 August, the same year, came John, son of Alexander Anne, an orphan of the City, and

names of householders, not English born, residing within their Wards, with the view of levying the subsidy (recently granted by Parliament) of 16 pence yearly on all such householders, and 6 pence on all persons not English born who are

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