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behalf of the masters of the nation of old called English (whose place is last in the roll, not because it is of less dignity, but because this order was observed of old), for the underwritten benefices:- William de Trebron,

the said perils would be obviated, and which alleges that in the said vill there was wont to be of old a chapel with a cemetery for the burial of the said parishioners, 3 the pope hereby orders the above

New Sleaford (Lincs., part of royal manor of Old Sleaford, gr. to bp. by king William I 1072, R.A.L . I no. 2, cf. no. 3) conf. as preb. by pope 6 Feb. 1146 ( R.A.L . I no. 252

the French Court to Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan. With respect to English affairs, I wrote recently how his Most Christian Majesty complained bitterly about the English Earl of Oxford, because he was told how that earl had deceived

him previously, and if he does give her the English ambassador resident here does not hesitate to say roundly that the friendship and alliance between the Most Christian and the English king will forthwith be dissolved and a rupture will

Rolls No. 3. Old Copy. 2018. ? 10 Edward II. Another Copy of the Inquisition. Old Copy. 2018A. ? 10 Edward II. Another Copy of the Inquisition. Old Copy. 2019. 12 November, 14 Edward II. Confirmation Charter. Old Copy. [Charter

. to Richard Smithe, of Framlingham, yeoman. 27 September, 19 Elizabeth. Mark of witness. Fragment of seal. Endorsed ( in English ) with condition for the payment of 5 l . 10 s . by 9 November next. Staff. C.

the month of January, taking measures against the English, who need rods for deeds and not talk. O my lord, when I speak of the English, your Excellency must understand those old prelates, abbots or other fat priests who rule

against the members of the English company who are slaying and ravaging in the commune of Siena. 2 Kal. July. Avignon (f. 114.) To Giles, bishop of Sabina, papal legate. Notification that as the English company [of St. George ]

relates that the English force has been engaged with the French for three days, and that the English were trying to dislodge the opposing French force. The letter had a postscript which stated that they thought the English force would

upon punishment for selling charcoal in sacks of deficient measure. 7 Henry V. A.D. 1419. Letter-Book I. fol. ccxxvi. (OldEnglish.) "For as mych as Johan Umbergh , 1 de Shenfeld in Essexe, colier , 2 þ at here stant,

France, 58, 87. means to drive out English, 15; English want truce with, 16. fears English attack, 17; curt answer to Burgundy, 18; Henry complains to pope of, 20; embassy at Rome, 21. old and infirm, 23; how Yorkish victory

PREBEND [Old ] Cleeve (Som.): royal manor in 1086 (Godwin TRE) ( DB I 86 d ). Church of Cleeve gr. to abbey of Le Bec-Hellouin by Robert son of Gerold before 1141 ( Select Documents of the English Lands

of London and Middlesex for the time being. Order to cause proclamation to be made. ( English text follows .) Whereas heretofore have been concluded certain truces, between the king and his cousin of Scotland, and subjects of both realms

intermixtures. On the street frontage the property corresponded to nos. 4-6 Old Jewry in 1858. Twelfth to sixteenth century: 105/22 and 132/25 This was a large property, extending from Old Jewry to Coneyhope Lane and probably measuring about 125 ft.

sea about thirty sail of the English, some of whom steered towards land in the neighbourhood of Bordeaux and Bayonne and disembarked at various places along that coast some 2,000 of the said English, under the pretence of being merchants.

good terms with the English. But the reply was, that the captains did not think it advisable to show much friendship to the English, lest the Duchess should suspect them, as she already suspects the English, of too great partiality

time of the cathedral's establishment at Old Sarum in the later eleventh century. This view has coloured much of what has been written about the history of the cathedral between its foundation at Old Sarum in the 1070s and its

differences between the Easterlings and the English, 4 to bring about a settlement. Nevertheless it will be difficult to restore so much plunder taken at sea, and they keep taking more from the English every day. On learning that Venetian

paid, the rents of his inheritance in Ireland, the residue of all such rents: paying wages and fees as of old times accustomed: and receiving the customary tallage of 'Kye' in the county of Ormond which the late earls enjoyed:

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