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link . Annotation and Marginalia Fol. 32r + v: C15-C16 notes beside account of St. Gregory's desire to convert the English, (Brie, 96) and by the story of St. Austin and the tails, (Brie, 97) Fol. 36v: nota mark, poss.

C16, temp Henry VIII? References in LALME No entry in LALME Items in the MS 5 Contents 1. Epitome of English history from William I to Henry VI, fol. ii verso 2. Latin texts: Oratio Bruti ad Dianam , Responsio

red and blue, or gold and blue, or blue alone.' (Online decription in the Digital Scriptorium ). Annotation and Marginalia English glosses (including names of kings) on fols.: 1r-4r; 6v-7v; 75r, 90v; 102r; 114v (could be a pen trial). 162v.Flyleaf

of events, place-names etc., and as is regularly the case in Brut manuscripts, have been penned in both Latin and English eg. fol. 57r, no. 1, 'No ta Wherfore the petir penys were first granntid'; no. 2, 'Glastyngbury fundatur'. There

in LALME Items in the MS 4 Contents 1. Brut Chronicle, fols. 1r-125r begins imperfectly 2. Treaty of Troyes in English, fols. 125r-127v 3. Mandeville’s Travels , fols. 131r-161r 4. 'Proverbs of Solomon', fols. 161v-162r 5. Lydgate, Life of St.

Lancaster Fol. 145r: prophecy of Merlin concerning Edward II Fol. 149v: the rhyme sung by the Scottish army against the English Fol. 185r: the ransom for the king of France set at 3 million florens Fol. 190r: Peter's Pence no

a good deal of C16 annotation, including Latin writing, eg. fol. 66r; one C16 reader marks the text regularly in English, and identifies many examples of 'treson' in the earlier portion of the text (see particularly, fols 48-53) Erasures? N/A

border, against which it is set; 14v-131v: 2-line capitals with penwork infilling and sprays which extend along margins in common English style, prob. in red and blue 132r ff, similarly executed 2-line initials, that are nevertheless, prob. not the work

Description, Rubrication, sigla . (Note that contents have been itemised differently in this description). Annotation and Marginalia Some Latin and English side notes, (two of which have been taken from the B-version of John Hardyng's Chronicle ) are added to

in blue and red), occasional blank spaces occupied by a guide letter and initials boxed in penwork decoration in typical English style, though without flourishes into margins. Item 2, (booklet 2) scribes B and C, fols 1-150v: 2-line decorated initials

library collection. Sample of non-scribal annotation: Fol. 9r: A C16 reader makes an intertextual reference to John Bale's Acts of English Votaries (1546); 'Merlin the great south sayer of wales was an father yet knowne to him, but a

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