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go not without judgment, and in case of contumacy the ambassadors shall refer the matter as aforesaid, and likewise any English complainant in Prussia, namely in the city of Danzk, where the proconsuls of Danzk and Elburg shall take to

either to sell their wines to the English or to pay freights By the reign of Edward III no small proportion of the wine of Gascon and English merchants was conveyed in English ships whose owners suffered with the Bayonnese

br. of Robert & Theobald. St. Olave Old Jewry 1 ~, ~, Hawisia w. of (fl. 1189-1212). St. Olave Old Jewry 1 ~, ~, Robert br. of (fl. < 1189). St. Olave Old Jewry 1 ~, Theobald s. of (fl.

contemporary English MSS., the entries in them were for the most part founded upon petitions or letters from different countries, and the scribes in the Papal Chancery must have experienced even greater difficulty in copying English proper names than English

I, my country and my subjects are not included in the truce 5 which has been made, and when the English have found Bretons and French in the same ship, the Bretons have been taken and the French released. In

shop in English Street in the town of Suthampton, by Robert le Barkyer to Roger de Basinges of the said town burgess. - Edward I. (?). Deed of release and quit-claim, in respect to a tenement in English Street in

the door from Old Jewry on the N. side. There was a small stone near the stairs leading up to the loft. Other records of burials mention the great window by Old Jewry, and the aisle by Old Jewry. Many

of our reign." Proclamation against Congregations, Covins, and Conspiracies. 7 Richard II. A.D. 1383. Letter-Book H. fol. clxx ii. (OldEnglish.) " The Mair , 10 Shirreues, and Aldermen, and alle othere wyse wyth hem, that habbeth the gouernaille of

the feudal service of this region being conditioned as to its incidence by the tenurial arrangements created in the OldEnglish period. The word foreign is also used in the concords in other connections. The foreign merchants at Barton 4

Francia. Milan Archives. 379 . Bartolommeo Chalco, Ducal Secretary, to Gian Galeazzo Sforza, Duke of Milan. The King of England on the 10th February took St. Omer; 3,500 English entered the gates at the third hour of the night shouting

Anti-Pope 1385. (f. 25 d. ) Gibert de Mussald, bachelor of canon law, vicar of Dumfres, in the diocese of Glasgow, For an additional benefice, the said vicarage having been destroyed by the English. Granted. Avignon , 17 Kal. July.

VII. Anti-Pope 1387. (f. 48.) Some petitions of the English nation, for whom the university of Paris prays the pope as for the masters of the other above-written nations. [ All are of places on or near the Rhine. See

803, 813, 850, 872 (note). -, English lords at, during the wars of the Poses, 357. -, a French plot at, 535. -, congress of English and French commissioners at, 571, 590, 591. -, English troops transported to, 621, 625,

130. Edinburgh , in the hands of the English, 483. -, letters dated at, 568, 604, 628, 774. Edward the Confessor , King of England, his tomb in Westminster Abbey, 465. Edward II ., King of England, 20. -, Duke

Chepe, where- 17 Proclamations for speeding men and supplies to the English Army in Normandy. 6 Henry V. A.D. 1418. Letter-Book I. fol. ccxii. (Norman French and OldEnglish.) "Let proclamation be made, 18 that all manner of soldiers, mariners,

Letters of marque. 13. All letters of marque and reprisal are revoked. Any Spani sh or English vessel sailing from a Spanish or English port is to give security for good behaviour at sea, to the amount of double the

OldEnglish words used in text A LIST OF OLDENGLISH WORDS, or WORDS USED AS SUCH, FOUND IN THE LATIN OR FRENCH TEXT OF THE ORIGINAL. acole 131 agul 369 alegiste 194 aletonne 74 ameraille 194 ancere 200

not intended to be exhaustive; his ordinary practice in his lists was to give only historical works, and works by English writers. We cannot, therefore, draw from this list any positive conclusion as to the character of the Library possessed

may have sent against the commune of Pisa and Albert de Stercia, knight, captain-general of the company of English, the said English not having fought against the church, but rather acted on her behalf. Non. Sept. Avignon. (f. 246 d

Numeration Concordance Concordantia Numeri Rubricellarum Regestorum Lateranensium, Seu Veteris, Cum Novo Numero. An. 1903. 1 (Vatican Archives, Indici , No. 319a.) Concordance Between the Old and The Present Numeration of the

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