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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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in four English manuscripts in the British Museum , viz. Harley MSS. 2386 , 3954 , and Royal MSS. 17 B. xliii., 17 C. xxxviii. All the French and Latin manuscripts have 1322 , as well as the English version

assignet old Wykes a certeynte to lyf apon; but I sup|poset ye wold not so, and I durst take opon to chaunge your opynyon. Mayster Mylle wold ye shuld have take an annuite of xl. s. yerly of old Wykes

I may be recommendid to my Maistres, your wyf. Syr, it ys so that Robert Goldriche, a tenaunt and an old servaunt of myn, bought, at Michaelmas was iij yere, of Watkyn Bolter ix quarters of barley, of William Surman

be, Mete for þam þat sal it fang, And noþer to schort ne to lang. When þai tak new, þe old sal þen Be partid til pouer women. And when þai sal went in cuntre, Þair clething sal mor honest

/ vlcus is an old rotid wounde. I schal tellen in her placis þe difference of festre & cankre & apostyme; plage comounly is taken for an oold wounde, & ofte tymes we fynde þat an old wounde is clepid

may be by Wyclif. If so it must be one of the earliest of his English tracts, written before his order of poor priests had been fully organized. It may be taken to express that strong sense of the faults

seyn þat it is heresye to write þus goddis lawe in english, & make it knowun to lewid men. & fourty signes þat þey bringen forto shewe an heretik ben not worþy to reherse, for nouȝt groundiþ hem but nygromansye.

worship|pers on the anni|versary. REYNOLDE, By the grace of god Bisshop of Clone i.e. Cloyne : see no. 129. The English cuts down the deed. In the Latin, ' the chapel of St. Martin of Sanford ' is said to

folowyng at Watlyngton, yef ye commaund me not the contrary, with Goddes leve, who ever preserve yow, my goode and feithefull maister. Wreten at Astun, the Sonday next after Seynt Lukes day. Your old servant Henry Dogett . No endorsement.

offered iiij marcs to lese my tytle in the said tythes, for be cause hit is well worth xl s. a year. I remitte all to yow, my goode and feithfull maister, Your old servaunt H. Dogett . No endorsement.

DEC. 1481 From A.C. , xlvi, 130. My old frynd, I recommaund me unto you. Syr, I have resseyvyd a bylle fro my cosyn Elmes , wyche cam fro you, so my seyd cosyn seth, he vyll sele to the

þe vnresonable beste be out of perils; but þouȝ here maistris maistir X. soule be in þe foule lake of old custumable synne, & body & soule in poynt to be dampned wiþ-oute ende, þei schullen not helpe to brynge

officio hostiarij. Ane old man sal þe ȝates ȝeme Þat witti es & wele wil seme For to welcum with wordes fre Euyr-ilk man in þer degre. His dwelling sal be dyght algayte In a cel be-side þe ȝate, So

. MS. 1701 ; Bodl. 415. ] The Readings in the English notes are from Bodl. 415 (generall y named O .) except when markt Harl . for Harl . 1701 , or D. for Dulwich 24. Here bygynneþ þe

Museum .) The Method of makeing a Nunn . The heading is in a later hand. The English text (with some short Latin expressions) is underlined in red ink. Here bygyns þe manere forto make a nun. At þe first

yerely in Read ' of ' ; Latin: ' . . .solidorum. . . de possessione. . .spoliavit. ' The English is mirk-dark through following the Latin order. the ( Such Omit the bracketed words, brought in in error. maner

And frendly vnto al folk be. Fast suld we fle al vayn louyng, And mak no strif with old no ȝing. To old folk suld we do honour, And febil we sal sucoure. For our enmes sal we pray, Til

ȝou quite With blering of a proude mellers ye If that me list to speke of rybaudye But yk am old me list not pleye for age Gras tyme is don my foddere is forage This white top writeth myn

þe quyte With bleryng of a proud melleres ye If þat me liste to speke of Ribaudie But yk am old me list not pley for age Gras tyme is don my fodder is forage/ This white top writeþ myn

I þe quyte with bleryng of a prowd mylleres ye If þat me luste speke of Ribaudye But yk am old me list not pley for age Gras tyme is doon my foddir is now forage My whyte top writeþ

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