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and watchmen such wages as were due and accustomed of old time of the issues, profits and revenues of the said county, and all other fees, profits etc. of old time due and accustomed; and it is found in a

English. Seal . [Norf. ] A. 13563. Acquittance by 'Kateryn Symson, wedowe,' to Thomas Hoo, gentleman, for 20 s . in part payment of the barn, & c. bought of her 12 January, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary.

be concluded publicly or privately, as they prefer. Fickleness of the English parliament. There were never kings so much praised as they are by Henry, and by the whole English nation ; and never was an ambassador so much esteemed

to be acted upon. It is feared that English ships will be obliged to return empty. Beseeches him to command Count Cifuentes to defend the interests of the English in Andalusia. The English sailors are generally savages, and it would

'the ryver of Wythom; they or their counsell shall, at 'lamas next at Lyncoln,' produce old men of the country as witnesses, & c. English. Signed By me Joh' Brasbrig; by me Robert the prior off Saynt Kateryns. Paper .

thirteenth-century addition to their western ends, in order that they might harmonize with the other Early English piers in the nave. The Early English base of the compound pier on the north side was uncovered in 1864 and can be

howse, one kitchin, one stable, one laythe, one old chapell, one grete garthe, one litle garden upon the sowth syde of the sayd chamber and one parcell of grounde devided with an old hedge, and certen ashes, from the Hall

of the Churches in the City of London. Describes the plate of St. Bartholomew's, 1894. Frost, Thomas, The Old Showmen and the Old London Fairs, 1874. Concerning Bartholomew Fair. Froude, J. A., History of England from the Fall of Wolsey

of Henry VII., it is just and reasonable to treat English subjects in Spain on the same footing as Spanish subjects. They are, therefore, permitted to export in Spanish, or English vessels, all kinds of merchandize to England which they

the parish of Nether Gytyng, from Lady Day last for fifteen years, at 5 l . 2 s . rent. English . Witnesses' names endorsed. Wilts. A. 12702. Indenture of demise by William Moggeridge, of Bunes Courte, near Salisbury, gentleman,

y e light ones are as good to y m as y e heavier. An English crown goes but for a dollar, but an English shill g they e steem as a shill g , & agree w th y

newly of Eddeston esquire, according to the will of his father and a promise to him made, and to an old tail made by John Allont vicar of Eddeston and William of Poyngton chaplain to Walter son of James of

Apr., cons. 22 July ( 1 Fasti III 1-2). As archdcn. said to have composed an Anglo-Norman glossary of OldEnglish legal terms (St Paul's WD 1 fo. 61, pd. HMC 9 th Report i p. 60). Nephew of bp.

who died seised of immense estates in various parts of the kingdom, leaving as his heir a boy four years old. During young Gilbert's long minority his estates were administered by custodians appointed by the King, whose ward the heir

the feudal. Page 32. Penarth. It is interesting to note the memorials of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, apostle of the English, in the geographical nomenclature of the coast of South-east Wales. At Penarth we have his name in the dedication

say that Holm Cultram was a Scottish abbey on English soil. In ecclesiastical matters there was then no difference between the two groups of population which later became Scots and English on two sides of a sharply defined border. Socially

given in 1595 to the library of St. James by Augustin Styward, who records that he was then 36 years old. III. Bede's Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles and the General Epistles; early 13th century. The epistles begin

Secret Instructions for Doctor De Puebla to take to England. 1. Ferdinand and Isabella had promised the English ambassador, who had come to Barcelona, to send an embassy to England, which, however, had been delayed by the illness of Sasiola,

Spanish and English vessels. The mayors, & c. shall take care that the subjects of one of the contracting parties be indemnified within forty days, if injured by subjects of the other contracting party. If Spanish or English subjects break

envoys sent by the king and herself, and proposes to send a legate; but remembering the contempt with which the English treated him when he was in a lower office, he thinks it better to wait for a month, by

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