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the old enmity is so great. It is a wonder that the peace is not already broken. The King of Scots has borne the injustice committed by the English only because the peace has been made by Spain. The English

de Cheyni (CripI). This is an old Norman family name in England. Peter de Corboylle, perhaps a goldsmith (Crip E). Staci de Gynes (Cordw). John de Gysorz, alderman of Vintry, belonged to an old London family. Richard de Mounpellers, apothecary

Westminster, this recognisance shall be voided if the covenants in these indentures be truly kept. Given day and year aforesaid. English . m . 3 d . And it is further agreed that if the king assent that John Walsshe

Iringham , in Old Shoreham parish (O.M.). Horton and Tottinton , in Upper Beeding parish (O.M.). Ifield, a detached portion of the Hundred, perhaps included Lower Beeding adjoining it. De Veteri Ponte . The site of the Old Bridge was

granted licence to the Mayor and Corporation to pull down the old and ruinous Guildhall Chapel, and to build another and a larger one on the site of an old messuage occupied by the Warden and Chaplains of the College

in Scotland, 1 where during the past twelve months Robert Bruce had been taking English-held castles and defeating and expelling English supporters. 2 The campaign, which would have been the first of Edward II's reign, was urgently needed, but its

on foot by the opposite faction, and the accused met them by an absolute and detailed denial. Note.-In reproducing oldEnglish documents in the course of this work I supply punctuation but preserve the irregular employment of capital and small

S. Thomas de Acon he leaves a silver cup with covercle and gilt rim ( in borduris deauratum ), in English called "the grete grubbe," as a memento. The residue of his goods, jewels, and other chattels, whether alive or

the state the King of Arragon hath stood in since the death of his Queen . Audience had by the English ambassadors of the King of Arragon. On the 17th of July the ambassadors had their first audience of the

to Edward III, and thus became for two hundred years a centre for the English wool trade with the continent, and a convenient landing place for English armies. During that period the King of England did indeed in the words

London, by which the said abbot releases his claim on the land of the English Knightengild ( de Anglica Cnithta gilda ) which the same English ( ipsi Anglici ) gave to the church of the Holy Trinity; also the

for twenty-one years, of a messuage and land 'of old Aster,' in Wyke, within the manor of Welles, with pasture and wood called 'the Vyniardes' in Wyke, also a cottage 'of old Aster' in Pridye in the said manor, also

the old magistrates and council in the face of the presbytery, under pretence of o ffering them repentance for their compliance with the enemy. Upon considering these petitions the presbytery delayed its answer and prohibited any persons, save the old

Somers. A. 12601. Deed poll by Andrewe Dun, of Old Cleve, husbandman; whereas Mary, countess of Sussex, in her widowhood, demised by inden- ture dated 20 September, 35 Henry VIII, to John Dunn, the said Andrewe, his son, and 'Bartholomewe'

Ironmonger Lane frontage later occupied by 10-12 as far as Old Jewry on the E. In 1359 the prince granted the rector and parishioners of the church of St. Olave Old Jewry a small plot of land measuring 2 3/4

after curfew rung out at St. Martin's le Grand aforesaid, under the penalty thereon of old ordained." It seems to have been an impression that this mixture was highly dangerous to health. Or Pernella ; familiarly, in oldEnglish, "Parnel."

English , with condition of performance of the terms of the preceding deed. Chester. C. 6744. Bond by Robert Johnson, of Liskarde, sailor, for the payment of 100 l . to John Dood. 31 January, 42 Elizabeth. Condition, in

same oath in English also occurs infra , fo. lxxxvi b. The same oath in English will be found infra , fo lxxxv b. Printed in 'Liber Albus,' i. 312, ii. 125. The same oath in English is recorded infra

from its predecessors in one respect. Hitherto enrolments in the English language have either been transcribed or abstracted in the orthography of the original. They are now abstracted in modern English. The text of this volume was prepared, with the

Roger, the said Frank shall do as commanded and enjoined by the said bishop, then this recognisance shall be voided. English . 1442 m. 23 d . William Boureman, citizen and draper of London, to Thomas Wiseman, haberdasher of the

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