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The Middle English Dictionary

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misbraiden v. From breiden v.(1). To offend, do mischief. c1475 7 Sages(1) Eg 1995 85/1921 That yong wyf mysbrayde.

nist adj. OF nicet Foolish. a1500 Chaucer CT.Rv. Hrl 7333 A.4282 Nyst [Heng: His wyf..wiste no thyng of this nyce stryf].

kilneful n. From kilne n. Enough malt to fill a kiln. (1432) Acc.Grantchester Item, for dreying of ij kylnefull' of malt be canys wyf..vj d.

bracelet n. OF An ornamental band worn about the arm or wrist. (1438) Will Dixton in BGAS 11 158 Item, to Jane Greyndor his wyf..a Bracelet of Gold.

child-wif n. Midwife. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C H.1 7.425 Sche was begiled by þe counsaile of a childe wyf [vr. mydwyf].

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The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales

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Here begynnyth the wyf of Bathe hire prologe

man called Melibeus myghty and riche , bygat vp on his wyf , that called was Prudence , a do- ughter , which that called was Sophie , vp on a day bifel , that he for his disport ,

As was þis Mellibeus wyf Prudence I hadde leuer þan a barel ale For sche nys no þing of such pacience That goode leef my wyf had herd þis tale Oure hoost sayde as I am feyþful man And By

youre wyf Is euery knyght of his , thus daungerous Is this the lawe , of kyng Arthures hous Fareth euery knyght thus with his wyf , as ye And seyde , o deere housbonde benedicite His olde wyf lay

liste lye Ne tak no wyf quod he , for housbondrye As for to spare , in houshold thy dispence A trewe seruant dooth moore diligence Thy good to kepe , than thyn owene wyf For she wol clayme ,

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Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership

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she wylle obeye of curtesieA wyf is keper of thy husbondryeWel may the seek man bewayle and wepeThere as no wyf is the hous to kepeI warne the if thou wysely wilt wircheLoue wel thy wyf as crist loueth his

newe wyf / And anone the seruaunt wente in to the hows / and s yd to Exantus wyf / Madame ther ben newe tydyuges / And what ben they sayd she / Exantus shalle haue a newe wyf /

cosyns of his wyf. And yf he take hyr the maryage is none after the lawe / and yf he take a wyf after hyr cosyn. he loseth the ryght that he hath to hys owen wyf. in so moche

in for to preyse the to thy lady and maystresse my wyf / well sayd Esope / And Exan∣tus entryd in to his hows / and sayd to his wyf / Dame ye shalle nomore haue cause to be at

a walBut drede not yf I playnly speke shalA wyf wil laste and in thy hous endureWel lenger than the liste {per}auentureMariage is a ful greet sacramentWho that hath no wyf is but shentHe liuyth helples and is al desolatI

The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse icon

The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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191 ] Oure hoost seyde / and swoor by goddes bones Me were leuere / than a barel ale My wyf at hom / had herd this legende ones This is / a gentil tale for the nones As to

Ey goddes mercy / seyde oure Hoost tho Now swich a wyf/ I pray god kepe me fro Lo whiche sleightes / and subtiltees In wommen been / for ay as bisy as bees Been they / vs sely men

lines in the MS. ] Ey goddes mercy / seyde oure Hoost tho Now swich a wyf / I prey god kepe me fro Lo whiche sleightes / and subtiltees In wommen ben / for ay as bisy as bees

169. ] Ey . goddis Mercy / said our oste tho. Nowe suche a wyf / y pray god kepe me fro loo suche sleyhtis / and sotiltees In wommen bene / for ay as besy as bees Ben they

Late Medieval English Scribes icon

Late Medieval English Scribes

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tag to finish. Usage: 'seyth'; long 's' as two separate and defined strokes. Usage: 'Senec'; upper case letter. w Usage: 'wyf'; a 'w' with a fairly normal shape. This letter-shape varies wildly. Usage: 'went'; the left limb of the graph

do not have very long descenders. w Usage: 'woot'; 'w' with extended curves above the graph. Usage: 'Wyf'; upper case 'W' for 'Wyf' in the rubric. Usage: 'wille'; 'w' with closed head loops. Usage: 'folwen'; a rather cavalier treatment of

oure wyrshipfull prince kyng henry the vth in the honoure & wirship of the birthe of þe most glorious maide wyf & modir of oure lord Ihu Crist Ahapitrid & markid aftyr this table that foloweth'. Flourished Initials: Black initials

position, one of several on this folio. Usage: 'falsen'; long 's' is used occasionally both initially and medially. w Usage: 'wyf'; consistent shape of 'w'. Usage: 'Was'; the only variation in 'w' on this folio. Other 'w's which are used

trails back up to the head of the graph. Usage: 'shortely'; Usage: 'wyfe'; the scribe continues with the tail of 'y' to the next letter. Usage: 'my wyf'; here the scribe continues the tail of 'y' to the next word.

Middle English Grammar Corpus icon

Middle English Grammar Corpus

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Lease yis indent ur s mad betwys Rob e r t Robson n of Gateshd Johnet es wyf & John bron potter on ye ta p ar ti And Will ablatson n John Robynson n coliher of Gateshd stephan Walker

Jelot hys wyf land es & tenament es Henr Rudekut com in-to kyng st re te & gaf dyot hys wyf land es and tenament es Jon Alcoke Alcoke com in-to y e stret & gaf hys wyf land es

sixt aftur the conquest the xxix o beres Wytnes that there as Hugh of stretton and Marg er e his Wyf opon that oon p ar tie and John Ketull and Merget his Wif on that other p ar tie

Northumbrland at the Neucastell apon tyne it is acordit be Rob er t Vmframvile knyght & Jsabell at was the wyf of will a m heron swyer dede for thaym & for the childr of the sayd will a m

hys wyll For-soth yis was hys wyll y t it suld be sellyd & disposid for his saule & hys wyf es saule this writon Abovne present will a m wolbo ur fosse esq ui er s er rob Appilby

British History Online icon

British History Online

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ground of the said land to morne efter none till apprys the samyn, and ordanys the said Robert and his wyf personalie present till compeir to morne as said is vpoun the said land, till heir and se the saidis

Gospel and before washing his hands, and saying these words: " For the sowles of William Crowmer and Katerine his wyf, here fadres and modres, bretheren, sustren, and children, and all Cristen for charite Pater noster ." The residue of

london. It e m, where I, the said Ioh'n Weston & Iohane my wyf, late Ioyntly purchaced of William Neell' & Alice his wyf, which' was the wyf of Ioh'n Walworth', late Citezein & vynt er of london, a tenement

of the kye, etc. To the church warke off Walcot. The residue off my goodes I giffe to Margeret my wyf, whom I make executrice with John bell off Trekyngham, Thomas bell off the same, and Rychard Jakson off the

benefactours of the same fraternitee beyng abyve, and for the soule of the moste excellent Pryncesse Elizabeth, late Quene and Wyf to oure said soveraigne lorde, the soules of all the brethren and sisters of the said fraternitee late deceased,

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TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

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on hem, cowardes! When hit komethe to nede, We clayme maystrye by prescripcyoun, Be long tytle of successyoun, Frome wyf to wyf, which we wol not leese. Men may weel gruchche but they shal not cheese. Custume is us for

WYF OF BATHE Oure Hoost gan tho to loke up anon. "Gode men," quod he, "herkeneth everichon. As evere mote I drynke wyn or ale, This Marchande hath i-tolde a mery tale, How Januarie hadde a lither jape; His

89 fel, happened. 89-90 shulde han a wyf, was about to get married. 90 hadde a mynde, remembered. 93 antyme, antiphon. 94 onest, honorable/virtuous/decorous. 96 And thou wolt, If you will; flesly wyf, earthly/carnal wife. 97 spose, spouse. JOHN MIRK,

preyer to God, God grauntid this Anne a sone that was called Samuel, os I sayde beforon. Anothour Anne was wyf to a man that was callyd Raguel, and haddon a doghtur that was callyd Sara, the wyche Sara hadde

it me pleyn, Why thou gost not hom to thy wyf ageyn?" "Yung man," quod Joachym, "I wyl trewly Telle thee now even lyk as yt is. I love my wyf as affectually, I dar wel seyn, as any man

Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550 icon

Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550

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Of þe manere of lyuyng of owre lady marie _ _ O f owre gloriouse lady marie maiden moder & wyf of whom owre lord I hes u crist tok flessch & blod", fol. 82v. Colophon - Secundo Folio -

The Auchinleck Manuscript icon

The Auchinleck Manuscript

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he may shrewedelichest worche., He wole take mede of þat on and þat oþer, And late þe persoun haue a wyf and þe prest anoþer, At wille., Coueytise shal stoppen here mouþ and maken hem al stille., For sone so

he is inne , þurw þe filþe of dedli sinne., Ac he þat liueþ in holy lyf,, Man, mayden, oþer wyf,, And serueþ God on eorþe her,, His gostli siht is swiþe cler;, For þerwid he may knowe and se

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